Seasonal Reports

The Crops Knowledge Centre provides seasonal updates on what is happening in Manitoba fields. Visit this page often for news about conditions that could affect your crops.

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Crop Report

The Crop Report provides information on progress of seeding and crop establishment, crop development, any pest activity including weeds, insects and disease, harvest progress, crop yields and grades, fall field work progress, and status of winter cereal crop seeding and establishment. In addition, it provides information on haying progress and estimated yields, as well as pasture conditions from May to October.

Crop Weather Report

The Crop Weather Report is a summary of weather data from the Manitoba Ag Weather Program and Environment Canada. Weekly summaries of temperature (maximum, minimum, average) and total rainfall along with seasonal accumulations of degree days, corn heat units and rainfall (actuals and per cent of normal) are provided for about 70 locations in the five regions used in the Crop Report. This report is available throughout the crop growing season (May to October).

Current Crop Topics

The latest information on crop management and agronomy topics in field and horticultural crops in Manitoba.

Fusarium Head Blight Risk Maps

Daily Fusarium Head Blight Risk maps are now being produced, showing the current risk for the development of this disease based on the previous 7 days of temperature and moisture recorded from weather stations throughout agricultural-Manitoba. When evaluating risk, it is very important to monitor the stage of the crop.

Infection can occur if the crop is at or near the flowering stage. It is also important to keep in mind that local conditions will vary based on weather and soil properties and that the risk of fusarium head blight may change rapidly.

Maps will be posted daily from the beginning of winter wheat flowering in the province until the end of the flowering period for spring wheat. Check back for updated maps during this period.  


Manitoba Potato Weather Network

Manitoba Potato News is faxed or emailed daily to potato growers, consultants and agronomists starting in early June and continuing through the growing season. The daily fax provides weather information from weather stations situated throughout the potato growing area of Manitoba, a late blight disease severity index is calculated, the potato crop water demand and a comment text section for important information about the potato crop.

Manitoba Insect and Disease Update

The Manitoba Insect and Disease Update is published weekly from mid-May until late August. Current reports and observations on populations of insects and diseases of field crops are compiled weekly, and the report indicates which pathogens and insects are of current concern and where in Manitoba highest levels are occurring. Scouting tips are provided as needed and new resources to assist crop scouts are profiled.