Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District


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The Seine Rat River Conservation District, now operating as the Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District, was established in partnership with local municipalities and the Province of Manitoba in 2001 to provide an avenue for local people to work together on issues related to sustainable land and water management. The district includes an area of approximately 3,700 km in southeastern Manitoba and partners with the Rural Municipalities of De Salaberry, Hanover, La Broquerie, Montcalm, Piney, Reynolds, Springfield, Ste. Anne, Stuartburn and Tache, and the municipalities of Emerson-Franklin and Ritchot. The Towns of Ste. Anne and Niverville, the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys and the City of Steinbach are also part of the conservation district.

The district has completed integrated watershed management plans for the Seine River and the Rat-Marsh River Watershed. The district  is also working towards the completion of the Roseau River integrated watershed management plan.  The district focuses its efforts on addressing locally identified land and water management issues and meeting the goals stated in their integrated watershed management plans. The district offers programming in groundwater protection, riparian area management, water conservation, soil conservation, and surface water management. They also provide opportunities for watershed management education through school presentations and at their Tourond Creek Discovery Centre.

154 Friesen Avenue
Steinbach, Manitoba, R5G 0T5
Phone: 204-326-1030

Vita Office Phone: 204-425-7877

Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District Map