Hunting Guide Licence Information

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A hunting guide licence is required if it is your intention to guide for hunting purposes where there is compensation or reward. Manitoba licenses only hunting guides. A guide licence is not required for angling.

In order to become a hunting guide in Manitoba you must complete an application form, meet specific qualifications, and if required, successfully complete an examination. Licences are valid until the August 31st following the date of issuance, and must be renewed annually.


  1. Application form: download an application form here and complete it.
  2. Age requirement: you must be 18 years of age or older at the time the application is made.
  3. You must be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. Government-issued documentation is required as proof at the time of application.
  4. Hunter education: you must have successfully completed a Hunter Education Training course. Proof is required. You must provide a copy of your certificate or at the very minimum your certificate number. Hunter Education Safety Certificates from other jurisdictions are accepted.
    • If you received your training in Manitoba and cannot present a certificate or provide the certificate number because it has been lost or misplaced you are advised that a replacement must be obtained from the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, telephone 633-5967 or toll-free at 1-877-633-4868.
    • The Canadian Firearms Safety Training Course is not recognized and will not be accepted, as it does not deal with important topics such as hunting laws, ethics and survival.
  5. First aid certification: you must provide evidence of current first-aid certification. Because of the diversity of course types the following information must be provided:
    • The name of the course provider
    • The type of certification
    • The certificate number
  6. Qualify for a hunting licence:
    • You must not be under a hunting licence suspension as a result of a conviction for an offence under The Wildlife Act, or an equivalent Act or regulation from another province or territory of Canada, the Migratory Birds Convention Act or the Migratory Birds Regulations. If you are currently under suspension, you must wait until your hunting licence privileges have been re-instated before you can apply for a hunting guide licence or;
    • You must not have been convicted for three offences under The Wildlife Act  or regulations,or an equivalent Act or regulation from another province or territory of Canada, Migratory Birds Convention Act, Migratory Birds Regulations in the last five years preceding your application.
  7. Letter of Confirmation of Conviction-Free Status: If you reside outside of Manitoba, you are required to submit a letter from your residing or licencing jurisdiction confirming that you are conviction-free under that jurisdiction’s wildlife laws for the last five years preceding your application. This letter can be issued by your local SD/Fish and Wildlife Officer.
  8. Hold a Valid Hunting Guide Licence in Another Canadian Jurisdiction: If you hold a valid hunting guide licence in another province or territory in Canada, a copy can be submitted with the application form. As a licenced guide, you are exempt from writing the exam.


Once you have satisfied all of these requirements, and have the completed application and required documentation, you are able to take the exam. Here is some important information about the exam:

  1. Exams can be written at any Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development office staffed by a Natural Resource Officer.
  2. It is recommended that you make an appointment in order to write the exam.
  3. You will take one of the two department approved examinations. The pass mark for either is 80%.
  4. The exam questions consist of multiple choice, true or false and several diagrams.
  5. In order to help better prepare yourself for this exam you will need:
    • A copy of Manitoba Regulation 110/93, the "Hunting Guides Regulation"
    • A current copy of the Manitoba Hunting Guide
    • To review your hunter education material
    • To review your first-aid material
    • To be familiar with the proper way to prepare an animal for mounting
  6. If you fail to pass your first exam, you can rewrite after a three day waiting period. You can review the exam with the examiner.
  7. If you fail the second exam you must wait thirty days before another attempt to rewrite can be made. Again, review the exam with the examiner.
  8. Currently the fee for a hunting guide licence is $25.00 per licence year, and is payable when you have successfully completed the exam.

Note: If you have successfully completed a department approved guide training course, an exam is not required. If you hold a valid hunting guide licence from another Canadian jurisdiction, an exam is not required.

Licence Renewal

Licences are valid until the August 31st following the date of issuance. Guide Licence Renewal applications are available for download here.

Contact The Guide Licensing Program

If you require more information or clarification, please contact your local Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development office or phone 204-945-7775 and ask for the Guide Licensing Program. You can also write or email:

Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development
Guide Licensing Program
Wildlife Branch
Box 24 - 200 Saulteaux Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3W3

Guide Training Course

To enroll in a department-approved training course, please contact:

T & J's Training and Survival
Box 23
St. Ambroise, Manitoba
R0H 1G0
Contact: John Lavallee – Telephone: 1-204-243-2009