CWD Results for Manitoba

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Results KEY:

  • ‘Negative for CWD’ – CWD prions not detected in submitted sample.
  • ‘Untestable’ – Wrong tissue type submitted or sample was missing, decomposed, or damaged.
  • ‘Pending’ – Sample received and undergoing testing a accredited laboratory. Check back at a later date for results.’
  • ‘Contact Wildlife Health Program’ – Sample not tested, more information required. Contact the Wildlife Health Program at citing the sample number in the subject line.’
  • Hunter participation in efforts to manage CWD has been extraordinary and we thank everyone for their participation. Submissions have exceeded capacity to test samples at accredited labs and are leading to higher than expected wait times. We continue to receive and post test results, but ask for your patience as we now estimate a wait time of 16 to 20 weeks from the time of submission.
  • Sample Results are current as of May 12, 2023.

Results not showing?

  • Try removing the zero from the start of the Sample Number.  For example, Sample Number 012345 should be entered as Sample Number 12345.
  • Your sample information may not have been updated as yet.  Data entry can be affected by travel delays, weekends, and holidays.  Try searching again later.
  • Some internet browsers may not be compatible with the database.  Try using an up-to-date version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Results still not found? – contact the CWD Team at, please cite your sample number in the subject line.