Manitoba For Ukraine

Financial Support


Ukrainians arriving to Canada under CUAET can apply for a federal income support through the Canadian Ukraine Income Transitional Assistance Initiative (CUTAI). This one-time only payment will be provided to adults and children. Payments will be made through direct deposit; therefore, potential applicants will require a bank account with a Canadian financial institution.


Temporary Assistance Program (TAP) benefits provide direct financial assistance to financially eligible individuals travelling to Canada under CUAET.

Provincial TAP assistance may provide monthly income for basic needs and rent and may support transition from temporary provincial reception hotel accommodations to longer-term community rental housing. If found eligible for TAP recipients may be eligible for additional health benefits not otherwise covered under provincial health care cards. These include access to prescription drug, dental and optical benefits.

Funding available through the Government of Canada is for resettlement purposes, and is considered income that would be available to the household within the first 60 days of arriving in Canada. This income is taken into consideration when determining eligibility for TAP benefits.

Further information on eligibility details, based on personal circumstances, along with the application process is available emailing or by leaving a voicemail at 204-945-5324.

Additional support and coordination for individuals seeking employment, or who will be transitioning from TAP benefits to employment income, is available through Manitoba Start.