2006 Schedule of Adult Mosquito Control throughout Southern Manitoba under Ministerial Order

Several communities in southern Manitoba were issued a Ministerial Order in 2006 to undertake adult mosquito control to prevent or alleviate the threat of West Nile virus to human health. The Orders required that adult mosquito control be undertaken within a specific community and approximately a three kilometer radius zone around the community.

Adult mosquito control can be completed when weather conditions are conducive, i.e. when temperature is greater than 13 degrees Celsius and wind is less than 15 km/hr. If weather conditions are not conductive to adult mosquito control on the identified night, alternate arrangements will be made to undertake adult mosquito control usually the next consecutive night, as weather permits.

Health Canada has concluded that the use of malathion for adult mosquito control in residential areas using ultra-low-volume application will not pose a health concern. However, people who wish to reduce their exposure to malathion can take precautions, including:

  • closing all doors and windows,
  • avoiding trucks while spraying is underway,
  • turning off fans and air conditioners or setting them at exhaust,
  • removing clothes and children’s toys from outdoor areas,
  • washing any household items or toys left outside before using them, and
  • washing fruits and vegetables.

The following table indicates the dates on which communities were issued an Order to undertake adult mosquito control, as well as treatment dates.

Community under Order Areas within a 3 km Extended Treatment Zone* Date of Treatment
RM of West St. Paul
(Specifically, an approximate 3 km radius around the City of Winnipeg Biosolid Storage Pads, including the northwestern edge of Winnipeg)

Northeast Boundary: Blackdale Road and Miller Road; East on Miller Road to Main Street; South on Main Street to Rossmore Avenue; West on Rossmore Avenue to the CPR Rail Line to Murray Avenue; West on Murray Avenue to Pipeline Road; North on Pipeline Road to Toshack Road; East on Toshack Road to Moore Road; North on Moore Road to Grassmere Road; East on Grassmere Road to Blackdale Road; North on Blackdale Road to Miller Road.

July 28, 2006

August 1, 2006


* Areas identified may have fallen partially or completely within an approximate 3 km extended treatment area of a community. Contact your municipal office if you are uncertain as to whether your residence fell within the extended 3 kilometer treatment area.

For WNV health concerns, contact your doctor or call:

Health Links - Info Santé
(Winnipeg) or toll-free 1-888-315-9257