Product and Process Development

As you start your food business, you will focus on developing your product. This includes analyzing and perfecting your product's formulation and scaling up the recipe so it can be produced efficiently. You will also need to determine the best option for processing your product. At this stage, you will learn about the regulatory and processing requirements for your product, as well as what permits and licenses you need to sell it. You will also need to develop a label for your product that meets federal guidelines.



How do I develop my product?

If you need help developing your product, scaling up your recipe or determining the shelf life of your product, there are facilities that can help you:

Where do I source ingredients?

The Manitoba Food Ingredient and Product Directory is an inventory of Manitoba food ingredient and product companies that businesses can utilize to efficiently identify and source ingredients and products. The Manitoba Agriculture By-Product Directory is an inventory of Manitoba by-products and businesses utilizing and selling by-products in Manitoba.

Another helpful resource is the Food in Canada Buyers Guide.

How do I process my product?

Your first step is determining what type of processing facility is right for you. Many new businesses choose to use commercial community kitchens when starting out because they are an affordable option. As you build your business, you might choose to consider commercial community kitchens, co-packing options or setting up your own processing facility.

What Type of Food Processing Facility is Right for You –  a video series

This 6 part video series, prepared and presented by Manitoba Agriculture Value Added Branch, features food processors and service providers including commercial community kitchens and contract manufacturers.  The videos will help food processors to understand the options and considerations involved in choosing a food processing facility.

Using Commercial Community Kitchens

Using a Contract Manufacturer or Co-Packer

How do I learn about regulatory, processing and food safety requirements?

The regulatory and processing requirements you need to follow depend on the type of product you're selling and where you'll sell it. There are many resources that can help you determine what requirements you need to follow and how to get started:

Food safety programs are increasingly becoming a customer and regulatory requirement. Companies of all sizes are adopting food safety programs to meet these expectations and demonstrate their commitment to safe food production. There are useful resources that can help you get started with your food safety program:

How do I get necessary permits and licenses?

The permits and licenses you need depend on where your product will be processed and where you'll sell it. There are many resources that can help you determine what permits and licenses you will need:

For alcohol manufacturing, contact the following for permits and licensing:

How should my product be labeled?

Food products have specific label requirements, including what information must be displayed and the size of the font used. There are service providers that can review your label to ensure it meets requirements:

Food products sold into retail markets must have a nutrition facts table (NFT). Contact a business development specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, at, for a list of companies that can develop your NFT.