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Buying a house or condo
Condo owner protection

Neighbourhood commitment plays a role in condominium living.

Because condominiums have common elements shared by multiple owners, owning or selling a condominium can be complicated. This is why condominium developments are required to be incorporated and have an elected board of directors who are unit owners.
Buying a House or Condo | Condo Owner Protection - Consumer Protection Office

In 2015, Manitoba revised The Condominium Act, revising and amending related legislation including The Municipal Act and the City of Winnipeg Charter.

The legislation changes protect ever-increasing numbers of condominium buyers, owners and sellers, assuring that Manitoba condominium corporations are responsibly managed. Learn about Manitoba's condominium laws and regulations at and CMHC Condominium Buyer's Guide

If you're interested in condominium living, it's good advice to get help from a real estate lawyer and a professional realtor.

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