Maples Personal Care Home COVID-19 Outbreak
External Review Final Report

A COVID-19 outbreak was declared at the Maples Long Term Care Home in Winnipeg on Oct. 20 and was declared over on Jan. 12. In that time, 74 staff and 157 residents tested positive for COVID-19, and there were 56 deaths linked to the outbreak.

In November 2020, the Manitoba government engaged an expert advisor to review an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Maples Long Term Care Home and provide feedback and recommendations. The main areas of focus included determining staffing levels, the level of care provided and the infection prevention and control policies and procedures in place at the site.

Now referrred to as the Stevenson Review, it found that while pandemic plans had been prepared and were in place, the site was not prepared for the significant reduction in available staff once they had been exposed to COVID-19 and were required to self-isolate. In addition, the urgency of requests for additional on-site staffing supports were not fully understood until the situation became critical.

The review made 17 recommendations at the facility and regional levels, as well as recommendations for Health Incident Command and Manitoba Health. A plan to implement the review's recommendations at the provincial level was released in March 2021, and the Manitoba government regularly shared updates as this work progressed.

In February 2022, the province released the final report on its March 2021 implementation plan, with updates on status of the Stevenson Review recommendations. The final report focuses on four key areas of completed actions: resident safety, staffing complements, pandemic preparedness and communication with families and staff. It details many of the positive changes already underway, and others that will continue to be implemented and will benefit all PCH residents in Manitoba, their families, and staff.

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