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Incentives - Solar Thermal Energy

Manitoba Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit

The Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit* is extended to SOLAR THERMAL ENERGY systems purchased for use in Manitoba starting in 2009. Purchasers who install specified solar heating equipment in Manitoba will qualify for a refundable 10% Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit on the eligible capital costs.

Capital costs include invoiced costs of the solar heating system, as well as taxes – Manitoba sales tax, federal Goods and Services Tax, excise and customs taxes – and other costs related to acquiring and making the system operational – such as insurance, freight, installation and design. The costs must be incurred and paid. Any other government assistance received for purchasing or installing the system will reduce the amount claimable under the tax credit. Borrowing costs are not eligible.

Eligible Equipment 

Specified equipment must be conventional active solar heating equipment that is or will be used primarily for the purpose of heating liquid or gas but not including:

  • a building or part of a building (other than a solar collector that is not a window and that is
  • equipment used to heat water for use in a swimming pool, or
  • equipment that distributes heated air or water in a building.

Acceptable new solar collectors must meet CSA Standard F378-87 or equivalent in order to qualify for the credit.  It is not necessary to install a complete heating system in order to qualify for the credit. 

Installation Requirements

For eligible solar thermal energy equipment, the system must have a signed commissioning report approved by a professional engineer, unless the system is for an owner-occupied residence.

* Where information does not correspond to the governing legislation and regulation, the latter prevails.