Why Geothermal?

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With a geothermal heat pump you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Efficiency & Lower Operating Costs - Geothermal heat pump systems save money. They use the earth's thermal properties to provide unmatched efficiency and operate more efficiently than conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

    Annual energy savings for homeowners can be reduced from 30 to 70% in heating mode and 20 to 50% in the cooling mode compared to conventional systems.

    For every unit of electricity the system uses, it provides three to four units of heating energy - an efficiency of 300% to 400%.

    Geothermal systems can also provide increased energy security protection from inflation in the cost of volatile fossil fuel (natural gas) commodity prices.
  • Longest Equipment Life - the government of Canada says systems last 20% longer and have lowest life cycle cost.2
  • Environmentally Responsible, Green Technology - geothermal systems eliminate the combustion of fossil fuels on site and dramatically lower the need to generate power - significantly reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and the environmental damage associated with nonrenewable resource extraction.
  • Comfort - geothermal systems use the relatively stable temperature of the earth as an energy source, you are assured of constant, even heating in winter, and better humidity control in the summer - through a single system both your heating and air conditioning comfort is taken care of. They eliminate the need for exhaust venting, reducing the number of penetrations in the building envelope and thereby improve weather tightness.
  • Flexibility - geothermal systems can provide any combination of forced-air heating, radiant in-floor heating, domestic hot water, and air conditioning all from the same unit. From houses to office buildings to community swimming pools, and everything in between, geothermal systems can be designed to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions. Additionally, geothermal systems require only one-third the space of traditional HVAC systems.
  • Quieter Operation & Better Aesthetics - neither outside air conditioning equipment nor chimney. The compact self-contained, interior equipment does not need a noisy, unsightly outside condensing unit that a traditional air conditioner requires. Geothermal heat pumps are quiet and discrete. You will barely know they are there, but you'll notice the lower energy bills.
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality - Eliminates Carbon Monoxide (nothing burned) and costs for Carbon Monoxide detectors in new residential construction. Eliminates need for exterior wall venting, improving building envelope weather tightness
  • Safety - No flame, no flue, no odors, no risk from carbon monoxide. Simply safe and reliable operation.

1 Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, GeoExchange Heating and Cooling Systems: Fascinating Facts
2 Ministry of Natural Resources, Brochure Heat Pump Technology, 1997; Trends in Renewable Energy Issue #143

In harmony with nature and your pocket book
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Geothermal heat pump technology offers you consistently good performance and top energy efficiency!

Economics & Whole-Life Costs

The most cost-effective stage at which to install geothermal systems is when the buildings are first being constructed. However, older homes often benefit equally from the reduced energy operating costs.

The initial capital cost is usually higher than other conventional space heating and cooling systems. However the 'whole-life' cost, combining the capital and running costs, can be favourable for heat pumps compared to fossil fuelled systems - and, especially, compared with conventional systems that provide both heating and cooling.

Residential Loan

A Residential Earth Power Loan up to a maximum $20 000 is offered by Manitoba Hydro.  With support from the Affordable Energy Fund, an interest rate of 4.9 per cent for the first five years is offered.  Customers are eligible for the loan upon approval by Manitoba Hydro.  The customer’s geothermal contractor can assist with the pre-approval paperwork.

For potential geothermal contractors contact the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance (MGEA)

Benefits to the Commercial & Institutional Sector

The energy used by the commercial sector accounts for about 13% of total energy demand in Canada, and about the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions from secondary energy use.

In commercial buildings, more than half the energy used is for space heating. The high demand for space conditioning means that commercial/institutional facilities could significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy sources instead of the carbon-intensive fuels required by conventional systems, and by improving energy efficiency to reduce their overall energy use.

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