Community Scale & District Geothermal Energy

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  • Community Scale Geothermal, including district geothermal systems, can provide significant energy savings.
  • Manitoba has established industry leadership in the implementation of district, community scale and large scale geothermal heat pump systems to distribute renewable thermal heat including to multiple buildings in a community or district system. District Geothermal Energy is provided through a linked geothermal system(s) that serves several buildings.
  • The economic attractiveness of district energy systems often relates closely to the energy density of the thermal customers being served.  As a result, district energy systems tend to be located in areas where there are a cluster of buildings such as towns and cities where these systems may serve a combination of buildings including commercial, community and residential customers.

Did you know?

Manitoba has a multitude of large and community scale geothermal systems?  See below:

Manitoba Examples: Community Scale Geothermal

  • Community served by district geothermal - Île-des-Chênes, Manitoba:
    • A District Geothermal System interconnects three community buildings for heating and cooling including an arena, fire hall and a 30,000 sq ft community centre through a single geothermal energy field.
    • Awarded 2012 Energy Winner for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Award
    • Achieved national finalist in the 2012 QUEST Community Energy Builder Competition
    • An ultra efficient renewable energy system was achieved: The district geothermal system is expected to operate at approximately 500% efficiency.  The community centre is anticipated to use 60% less energy, and energy costs for the arena are expected to be reduced by 40%.
    • The initiative is demonstrated outstanding championship of renewable energy particularly for a rural municipality of just over 5,000 residents. 
    • See a video and pictures of the geothermal project at:
  • First Nations' Homes – Manitoba: Fisher River Cree Nation & Peguis First Nation - Community Geothermal Project
  • Residential Housing Development – WinnipegBridgwater Forest Neighbourhood - Geothermal lots & Condominiums
  • Residential Multi-Unit District Geothermal System:
  • Residential Subpision served by a community geothermal energy system:  The Yards in Winnipeg, Manitoba is being developed to offer geothermal heating and cooling:  See:
Office District Geothermal Stanley Business Centre in the Winkler/Morden area: Retail District Geothermal Additional Information

Integrating Green Heat provides building owners with:

a) Renewable heating and cooling; and

b) A means to hedge against the risk of volatile fossil fuel prices.