Biofuels: Manitoba’s Biodiesel Policy

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In Manitoba, The Biofuels Act establishes the legislative framework for establishing a biodiesel sales mandate, licensing biodiesel manufacturers and adopting biodiesel fuel quality standards.

Eligible Renewable Fuels for Diesel Engines

Transportation fuels produce over one-third of the province’s greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable fuels are the single-most effective greenhouse gas reduction technology that exists for diesel engines today.

There are two types of eligible renewable fuels that can be blended with diesel fuel under Manitoba’s Biodiesel Mandate.

Biodiesel is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable fuel typically made from canola or soy beans, animal fats or used cooking oils. Biodiesel manufacture is a relatively simple process that uses an alcohol (usually methanol) to convert oils from organic materials (fatty acids) into combustible fuels (esters). Biodiesel can be used in its pure form or blended with conventional diesel at various levels with little or no engine modifications.

Renewable Diesel is a biomass-based fuel that is almost chemically identical to premium petroleum diesel and burns cleaner than conventional diesel fuel. It can be produced from any organic feedstock by using hydrogen to crack big molecules into smaller ones, and then adding hydrogen to these smaller molecules to produce a renewable biofuel for use in diesel engines.

Licensing and Fuel Quality Standards

Licensing biodiesel manufacturers and maintaining the integrity of the fuel supply through the adoption of recognized fuel quality standards are key components of Manitoba’s biofuels program. All commercial and non-commercial manufacturers must be licenced, and all renewable fuel sold in Manitoba must meet recognised fuel quality standards.

Details of the licensing and reporting requirements for biodiesel manufacturers, as well as the fuel quality standards, can be found in the regulations.

Biodiesel (General) Regulation

Fact Sheets

Biodiesel Fuel Quality and Engine Warranties (PDF)
Biodiesel Cold Weather Properties (PDF)
The Environmental and Health Benefits of Biodiesel (PDF)
Biodiesel GHG Emissions (PDF)
Biodiesel: Food vs. Fuel (PDF)


Biodiesel Mandate Compliance Report (PDF)

For application forms for biodiesel production licenses and for annual production reporting.


Biodiesel Fund Grant Regulation

Manitoba created a grant program to support the production of biodiesel in Manitoba. The grant program provided an incentive of 14 cents per litre of biodiesel produced between April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2015.

The Biodiesel Grant Program concluded on March 31, 2015.

Guide to the Biodiesel Grant Program

Biodiesel Resources

For more information on the biodiesel industry and storage and handling of biodiesel blended fuel.

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