Municipal and Northern Relations

About the Municipal Board


The Municipal Board is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and part-time members. The part-time members are appointed by Order-in-Council.
The Board usually sits as a panel of three with a Chair and two members. Some of the members have, by Board Resolution, been appointed as Acting Chairs. Board hearings are public hearings.
Current Board
Chair - Doug Dobrowolski
Vice-Chair - Diane Stasiuk
Board Secretary/Chief Administrative Officer - Erin Wills
Part-time Members:
Rick Borotsik
Daryl Carry
Jason Delaurier
Chris Fulsher
Christopher Goertzen
Tammy Harper
Shelley Hart
Nelson Karpa
Brenda Loewen
Steven Lupky
J. Daniel McInnis
George Orle
John Prystanski
Tom Raine
Frances Smee
Barry Todd


The Municipal Board was established under the authority of The Municipal Board Act and is charged with the duty of performing those functions assigned to it under that Act or under any other Act of the Legislature.
A number of Acts of the Legislature, in addition to The Municipal Board Act, impose duties and responsibilities upon the Board. These include:
  • The Municipal Assessment Act
  • The Planning Act
  • The Municipal Act
  • The City of Winnipeg Charter
  • The Water Rights Act
  • The Public Libraries Act
  • The Special Surveys Act
  • The Heritage Resources Act
  • The Real Property Act
  • The Expropriation Act
  • The Highway Traffic Act
  • The Health Services Insurance Act
  • The Regional Waste Management Authorities Act
  • The Water Resources Administration Act
  • The Public Schools Act
The Board is not subject to direction by any Minister, member of the Legislative Assembly, or government official with respect to its quasi-judicial duties.
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