Municipal and Northern Relations

Combined Sewer Overflows: City of Winnipeg


The province issued Environment Act Licence No. 3042 to the City of Winnipeg in 2013. The licence aims to decrease the quantity and improve the quality of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) that are discharged to Winnipeg’s rivers. Clause 8 of the licence requires that the frequency and volume of overflows cannot increase due to new or upgraded land development. The City must report on any net change to wastewater and runoff loads on its combined sewer system in its CSO Annual Report and mitigate any increased loads. Upon request, the City sumitted information demonstrating compliance with Clause 8. Subsequently, the Province provided clarification on the interpretation of clause 8 advising that improvements made in one sewer district can be used to offset the increased loads from other sewer districts, as per the July 23, 2021 letter linked here:
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