Highway 9 Reconstruction at Middlechurch

Project Background

Highway 9 is an undivided four-lane rural highway with several accesses off this highway. Due to higher traffic volumes throughout the day, Highway 9 has been experiencing operational problems such as difficult left turns. The queue during rush hour typically gets longer and vehicles must wait in the queue while a vehicle ahead of them tries to make a left turn. Due to several left turn accesses without a center median, there is always a danger of vehicle collision.

The Grassmere Drain Bridge on Highway 9 has been replaced recently to accommodate a four lane-divided highway.

Scope of the Proposed Work

The proposed project includes the widening of Highway 9 to construct a four-lane divided highway with a raised center median. Several safety improvements will be constructed including dedicated left turn lanes at all intersections. Also, an additional “activity” lane will be constructed in the northbound direction. This extra curb lane is being added due to the high number of intersections in the northbound direction at these three locations, and it will also allow for safer right turns onto and off of Highway 9.

Project Map (PDF, 9 MB)

The existing concrete pavement of Highway 9 will be replaced with new pavement. The existing Kapelus Drive / Highway 9 intersection will be replaced with the signalized intersection of Parkview Pointe Drive / River Trail Drive at Highway 9.

The project limits are from Highway 101 to Balderstone Road.

Schedule and Traffic Impact

Construction is anticipated to start this summer and be completed next summer. Highway 9 will remain open to traffic for the duration of the project with lane closures. Traffic delays may occur and Highway 8 and PR 204 can be used as alternate routes.

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