Engineering and Technical Services

Undertakes both engineering and environmental services in support of various Highway and Water infrastructure programs across the province. Oversees the construction, inspection, preservation, maintenance and operations of provincial bridge infrastructure and water related assets. Provides hydrologic forecasting services to provide accurate information in support of flood forecasting and flood control operations and water management services in various programs.

Administrative Services
Provides executive management, policy development, financial and administrative support, and direction to the division.

Highway Engineering Services
Provide specialized engineering, technical support, testing, quality assurance, evaluation, and analytical services in support of the delivery of the highway capital, maintenance, and preservation programs; the stewardship of transportation-related assets; and the long-term integrity and sustainability as well as the safe use of provincial highway assets. Update, maintain and ensure consistent application of department highway engineering standards and specifications.

Water Engineering and Operations
Responsible for design, construction, maintenance, asset management and preservation services in support of infrastructure capital and preservation programs. Infrastructure asset classes including bridges, overpasses, provincial drains, water control infrastructure, and culvert crossings along provincially owned highways and drains. Manage the effective movement of water during flood and drought conditions through the maintenance and operation of a network of water related infrastructure.

Hydrologic Forecasting & Water Management
Responsible for producing accurate and timely hydrologic forecasts and information to the public, coordinate flood responses, assist in operation of provincial water related infrastructure for flood and drought mitigation. The branch is also responsible for conducting ice jam mitigation programs, community flood protection works, flood mitigation studies, providing hydrological analysis to other branches and administration of designated flood areas.

Environmental Services
Responsible for conducting environmental services and facilitating best management practices. Manages receipt of licensing, approvals, and permits for highways and water related infrastructure  projects, and environmental liabilities.