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Manitoba Mining and Exploration

The Fraser Institute ranks Manitoba in 2016 as the second-most attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining investment - rising in rank from 19th on the same list in 2015.

Manitoba's mining and petroleum industries make up the second-largest primary resource industry of the province's economy, with exploration and development activity showing signs of renewed life as modest improvements in base metal and gold prices are bringing exploration financing back into the province. In 2015, the industries accounted for approximately 3.5 per cent of the province's economy and 6.3 per cent of total exports, with a preliminary estimate of the 2015 value of mining production totalling $1.35 billion.

Manitoba produces approximately one third of Canada's zinc and 100 per cent of its cesium, among many other commodities. With seven producing mines, which includes the recent reopening of a hundred-year-old gold mine, investment and exploration continues on an upward trend. Mineral exploration expenditures in 2016 are projected to increase 17 per cent over 2015 and 97 per cent over 2014 levels.

Mineral exploration and mining sectors are the backbone of the northern economy in Manitoba and are critical to the welfare of many of our northern communities. Manitoba's mining and petroleum industries employed approximately 5,200 individuals in 2016, an 11 per cent increase over 2015. In addition, our province is home to large areas of high mineral potential in remote regions, many of which remain under-explored when compared with similar areas in Canada. Because of this, the opportunity for considerable growth in the province's mineral sector is both encouraging and dynamic.

Manitoba mineral resources with potential for future economic development include platinum-group elements (platinum, palladium and rhodium), rare earth elements, uranium, titanium, vanadium, chromite, silica and potash. And recent prospecting reports confirm the existence of diamond mining potential in areas of northeastern Manitoba!

With lucrative deposits, a deep wealth of sophisticated geoscience data, a strong economy and increased exploration activity, Manitoba is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming Canada's most improved province in mining and exploration.