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Forestry in Manitoba

One thing is for sure. Manitoba has a lot of trees.

Forests cover about half of Manitoba's 63.6 million hectare land surface, and the forest industry is part of Manitoba's fifth largest manufacturing sector. In 2010, the value of forestry exports was $285.3 million.i

In Manitoba, forest industry ventures directly employ more than 5,000 plant and woodland workers, who harvest and produce primary forest products, with shipments (2010) valued at just under $200 million.ii

In 2001, over 200 manufacturers operated sawmilling complexes ranging from five million to less than 100 thousand foot board measures, employing over 3,000 workers.iii Also, in 2001, there were about 330 businesses in Manitoba producing value added wood products. These businesses employed about 13,000 people. In addition, there were 69 furniture producers in Manitoba, employing 5,000 people.

The full potential annual allowable cut (AAC) in Manitoba is 6.3 million cubic metres (m3) of softwood and 3.0 million m3of hardwood. These volumes are based on traditional forest products. It is estimated there is 15 per cent additional volume available as biomass from wood residue and logging waste. Forest Management Licences and Quota Holders have secure volumes through their licence and quota agreements. Commitments in place at this time equal 2.1 million cubic metres of softwood and one million cubic metres of hardwood. Volumes are also made available by the direct award of Special Allocations, Community Allocations, or through public competition of auction and salvage timber sales and permits. The high percentage of unallocated softwoods and hardwoods within Manitoba is primarily due to limited roads and facilities.

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