King's Printer

About Us

Today's King's Printer - Statutory Publications continues a tradition which began in 1870 by providing government and the public with information on the proceedings and laws of the government of the day.  As the population of Manitoba has grown, so has the government and the laws enacted by the elected officials. 

What we do

The King's Printer - Statutory Publications publishes, distributes and sells Government of Manitoba statutes, regulations and other Legislative material, the Manitoba Gazette, the CCSM (Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba) and Re-enacted regulations.

We provide support to provincial government departments in the production and delivery of Statutes and Regulations and act as a central distribution centre of Legislative and select government publications.  We work in conjunction with the offices of the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Counsel and the Legislative Library to produce and distribute the Manitoba Gazette and the Statutes of Manitoba

Manitoba Gazette

The Manitoba Gazette is published on a weekly basis and is comprised of  official and other notices and advertisements which are required or provided for by provincial statute or regulation to be published in the Manitoba Gazette

The Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba (CCSM)

The Legislative Counsel provides the updating in both official languages for the CCSM and King's Printer, Statutory Publications arranges for the publication and the distribution.