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The Manitoba Geological Survey defines an industrial mineral as any mineral used for industrial or commercial purposes based on its physical and/or chemical properties, and does not include hydrocarbon resources. Industrial minerals are found in both sedimentary and igneous/metamorphic terranes in Manitoba and do not include Quaternary sediments used for aggregate. For aggregate resources information, refer to the 'Aggregate Resources Publication Index'.

Manitoba has a rich and diverse industrial minerals sector. As of 2018, there were several mining, quarrying and processing endeavours operating in the province, and many exploration projects moving forward. Commodities that are currently being actively produced include brines, pollucite (cesium), gypsum, limestone and dolostone, and building stone. The majority of recent exploration work in the province has been related to lithium, both hard-rock and brines, as well as high-purity silica sand.

Many industrial mineral deposits and occurrences have been documented by the Manitoba Geological Survey (e.g., Bannatyne 1968, 1971) as well as through exploration activities by industry. However, there are still many underexplored areas across Manitoba that have the potential to host industrial mineral deposits, offering exciting opportunities for exploration.

The role of the Manitoba Geological Survey is to contribute to the understanding of industrial minerals in the province through its many programs investigating these commodities. The Manitoba Geological Survey is currently engaged in projects focusing on lithium, potash, gypsum, and silica sand. This section of the website serves to provide general information on documented occurrences and deposits of industrial minerals in the province. Please contact the Manitoba Geological Survey for additional information regarding specific commodities.

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Commodity Summaries:



Ilmenite and magnetite

Pollucite (cesium)

Rare-earth elements

Silica sand

Spodumene (lithium)

Tantalite (tantalum)

Key Points

• Estimated production value of industrial minerals in Manitoba in 2017 was $289.4 million, contributing over 11% to the GDP from the mining and petroleum sectors.

• Many well documented deposits and occurrences of industrial minerals in Manitoba, as well as underexplored areas with high industrial mineral potential.

• The Manitoba Geological Survey continues to refine our understanding of industrial minerals and Phanerozoic stratigraphy.



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