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Health System Transformation

The Manitoba government is confident that better health care is within reach and is making bold changes to the health system that will make it more patient-focused, operate more efficiently and ensure it is safe, affordable and sustainable in the long term.

This includes the creation of a provincial health organization, Shared Health, which will enable provincial planning and integration of services, improve patient care and provide coordinated support to regional health authorities across the province - including the recruitment and retention of health professionals - and establish provincial standards of care for all Manitobans.

Manitoba's Health System Transformation goal is for health services across the province to meet the needs of the population and Manitoba Health remains committed that services in French are a key consideration in decision-making within the transformation.

This website includes a number of resources about the transformation. This site will be updated as new information is shared.

Transformation Program

Visit this page for information on the current state of health care system, the proposed future state, the Transformation Program, the Transformation Leadership Team, blueprinting and road-mapping, the creation of Shared Health and proposed changes to emergency medical services.

Care in Your Community

Learn where emergency, acute, transitional and diagnostic care is available in Manitoba, as well as personal care homes and emergency medical service stations.

Updates and Resources

Review progress updates, memos, letters, videos, audio clips, transcripts and reports related to Manitoba’s health system transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page for frequently asked questions about health system transformation, the creation of Shared Health and changes to Emergency Medical Services.