Intellectual Disability Issues Advisory (IDIA) Council

Manitoba Families is pleased to announce that the inaugural Intellectual Disability Issues Advisory (IDIA) Council launched on February 15, 2023.  The IDIA Council will serve as an advisory council to the Minister of Families on matters relating to programs and services for adults living with an intellectual disability in Manitoba as well as overseeing the implementation of the Vulnerable Task Force recommendations.  The creation of an advisory council was the first recommendation of the task force.

Members of the IDIA Council are:

  • Maria Arentsen
  • Jacqueline Leach
  • Scott Smith
  • Suzanne Swanton
  • Joni Wilson
  • Heidi Wurmann
  • Valerie Wolbert
  • Evelyn Yelinek

The members have been appointed for a two-year term and consist of representatives from service delivery organizations, disability advocacy organizations, families of people with an intellectual disability, Indigenous partners, and self-advocates. The council is chaired by Heidi Wurmann, Assistant Deputy Minister of Families for Corporate Services Division. 


News Release

January 18, 2023