What is Project CHOICES?

Project CHOICES is a program in Winnipeg about alcohol, sex and birth control. Girls and women are eligible to participate if they are:

    • Not currently pregnant
    • Sexually active
    • Drinking alcohol regularly or binge drinking

How does Project CHOICES work?

Women are offered up to four short individual sessions with a counsellor to talk about their drinking behaviours and use of birth control. Counsellors use motivational interviewing strategies to provide individualized feedback and information, and help set goals for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, women are offered one visit with a nurse to get information about birth control options.

Referrals are accepted from service providers or from women themselves. For more information or to join, call Klinic at 204-784-4072, or NorWest at 204-938-5941

View the Project CHOICES Infographic