Community Bridge Fund Pilot Project

To apply to deliver the Community Bridge Fund, please complete this application form. For more information on how to complete the application, please see the application guide.

Community Bridge Fund - Background 

Manitoba offers a series of income support programs for persons in financial need. Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) is an income support program that provides temporary financial assistance and person-centred supportive planning to Manitobans. As part of the ongoing transformation of EIA, innovative projects are being undertaken to provide services that modernize and improve the accessibility of the program.

Some Manitobans, despite being in financial need, face significant barriers that create challenges to enrolment on EIA, since the standard application process for EIA requires gathering financial information and attending a scheduled intake appointment.

In order to ensure that all Manitobans have prompt access to the essential supports they need, we are seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from community-based agencies to administer a pilot bridge program that will provide time-limited pre-enrollment financial benefits and assistance and navigation through the application and intake processes.

As part of the EOI selection process, preference will be given to organizations that are Indigenous-led.

Expressions of Interest

We are seeking a community-based agency or agencies to administer a pilot bridge program to provide immediate financial and navigational support to vulnerable persons facing barriers to EIA enrolment. Funding will be provided to hire outreach workers to administer the benefits and work directly with program applicants to support them in their application process. The agency is expected to deliver the services for a period of one year (12 months).

As the persons served by this pilot project represent a vulnerable population, often with emergency need, there is an expectation that community-based agency or agencies, are flexible with their service delivery strategy and are able to provide services at a range of locations (within Winnipeg) and hours.

Community agencies operating and providing services in Winnipeg are invited to apply to the EOI. Bridge funding is intended to support vulnerable individuals and families expected to meet eligibility requirements for EIA, but facing barriers to enrolment.

The successful agency or agencies will hire outreach workers to administer the pilot program, which includes the provision of financial benefits approximately equivalent to EIA benefits, and working directly with persons to support them throughout the application and intake processes.