Child and Family Services Standards Manual

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Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Case Management

Section 1.1.1 - Intake

Information Gathering

  1. Referral Information
  2. Requests for Other Services
  3. General Enquiries
  4. Appropriate Referrals
  5. Prior Contact Checks
  6. Detailed Case Information
  7. Issue Identification
  8. Recording Intake Information
  9. Use of Intake Module Case Notes

Intake Response

  1. Intake Response Time
  2. Mandatory Safety Assessment
  3. Physical or Sexual Abuse
  4. Use of Collaterals
  5. Another Agency Involved
  6. Reviews of Intake Reports
  7. Client Contact at Intake
  8. Immediate Placement of Children
  9. Placement Priorities
  10. Post-adoption Requests
  11. Authority Determination Protocol

Intake Disposition

  1. Intake Worker Recommendations
  2. Case Decision and Referral
  3. Receiving Agency Response
  4. Assignment of Case Manager
  5. Continuing Responsibility for Case

Section 1.1.2 – Assessment

Family Assessment

  1. Family Assessment Process
  2. Participation in Family Assessment
  3. Completion of Assessments and Updates
  4. Updating Family Assessments
  5. Reviews of Family Assessments

Child Assessment

  1. When Child Assessment Required
  2. Updating Child Assessments
  3. Contact with Parents of Permanent Wards

Child Protection Investigations

  1. Medical Examination of Abused Child
  2. Client Contact in Child Protection Investigation
  3. Reviews of Child Protection Investigation Reports
  4. Duties of Child Abuse Coordinators

Section 1.1.3 – Planning

Service Plan

  1. Managing the Planning Process
  2. Service Issues to be Addressed
  3. Service Agreements
  4. Updating Plans
  5. Reviews of Plans

Safety Plan

  1. Initiating a Safety Plan

Care Plan

  1. Initiating a Care Plan
  2. Notifying Appropriate Authorities and the Central Adoption Registrar
  3. Age-of-majority Planning

Section 1.1.4 – Service Provision

  1. Service Priority
  2. Frequency of Contact with Families
  3. Frequency of Contact with Caregivers
  4. Ensuring Services are Provided
  5. Engaging Families and Children
  6. Legal Procedures
  7. Sharing of Non-identifying Information
  8. Change in Services

Section 1.1.5 – Evaluation


  1. Frequency of Service Provider Reports
  2. Recording Monitoring Results and Progress Reports
  3. Reporting to Supervisor
  4. Preparing for Progress Reviews
  5. Progress Reviews with Clients
  6. Reporting of Absences and Discharges


  1. Reviews of Progress Reports
  2. Additional Reviews
  3. Records of Supervisor

Section 1.1.6 – Service Completion


  1. Duties of Supervisor
  2. Transfer to Another Agency
  3. Authority Determination Protocol Transfers
  4. Transfer within Agency
  5. Transfer of Guardianship or Supervision
  6. Transfer to Agency Outside Manitoba


  1. Decision to Close a Case
  2. Client Preparation for Closure
  3. Duties of Case Manager in Closing A Case
  4. Review of Closing Summary

Volume 1, Chapter 2 - Services to Families

Section 1.2.1 – Community Involvement

Community Development

  1. Community Development Policies
  2. Community Profiles
  3. Community Inventories
  4. Community Development Planning
  5. Community Resource Development
  6. Assistance to Community Groups

Community Committees

  1. Establishing Community Committees
  2. Committee Terms of Reference
  3. Involvement in Case Planning and Reviews
  4. Agency Records of Community Committees
  5. Community Committee Member Records

Use of Volunteers

  1. Volunteer Program Management
  2. Recruitment and Screening of Volunteers

Section 1.2.2 – Voluntary Family Services

  1. Family Service Policies
  2. Annual Plans for Services to Families
  3. Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives
  4. Family-Centred Services
  5. Continuum of Services to Families
  6. Opening a Voluntary Family Service Case
  7. Transition to Child Protection
  8. Responding to a Notice of Maternity
  9. Expectant Parent Services Case
  10. Services to Birth Fathers

Section 1.2.3 – Child Care Services

  1. Accessing Licensed Child Care Services
  2. Referring Children for Child Care
  3. Suitable Alternative Placements
  4. Signing of CDCA Forms
  5. Filing of CDCA Forms
  6. Child Protection Intervention in Child Care Facilities

Section 1.2.4 – Homemaker and Parent Aide Services

  1. Placement of Homemaker and Parent Aide
  2. Decision to Enter into a FSSA
  3. Signing of FSSA Forms
  4. Completion of FSSA Renewal Forms
  5. Filing of FSSA Forms

Section 1.2.5 – Voluntary Placement of Children

  1. Use of Voluntary Placement Agreements
  2. Decision to Enter into VPA
  3. Signing of VPA Forms by Parent or Guardian
  4. Signing of VPA Forms by Agency
  5. Distribution of Signed VPA Forms
  6. Filing of VPA Forms

Section 1.2.7 – Voluntary Surrender of Guardianship

  1. Counselling Services
  2. Decision to Enter into VSG
  3. Signing of VSG
  4. Filing of VSG Forms
  5. Withdrawal Notices and Applications
  6. Distribution of VSG Forms

Volume 1, Chapter 3 – Child Protection

Section 1.3.1 – Child Protection

  1. Orientation to Child Protection
  2. Opening a Child Protection Case
  3. Child Protection Case Management
  4. Leaving Child in Need of Protection in Family Home
  5. Voluntary Placement as Alternative to Apprehension
  6. Documenting Child Protection Service Decisions
  7. Closing a Child Protection Case

Section 1.3.2 – Legal Proceedings

  1. Agency Child Protection Staff
  2. Access to Agency Counsel
  3. Preparing Court Documents
  4. Tracking Legal Requirements in Child Protection Proceedings
  5. Storage of Court Documents

Section 1.3.3 – Child Abuse

  1. Coordination of Child Abuse Cases
  2. Child Abuse Coordinator Job Descriptions
  3. Child Abuse Committee Information and Contacts
  4. Preparing Committee Documents
  5. Storage of Committee Documents
  6. Reporting Names of Abusers to the Child Abuse Registry

Section 1.3.4 – Provincial Child Abuse Investigations

  1. Reporting to Provincial Child Abuse Investigation Unit
  2. Agency Child Protection Records
  3. Agency and Facility Personnel Records

Section 1.3.5 – Child Sexual Exploitation

  1. Recording Reports of Child Sexual Exploitation
  2. Documenting Child Pornography Reports
  3. Law Enforcement Referrals
  4. Reporting Child Pornography
  5. Cybertip Record Management

Section 1.3.6 – Apprehension for Medical Treatment

  1. Response to Medical Emergency Referrals
  2. Contacting the Courts

Section 1.3.7 – Working with Law Enforcement

  1. Designated Agency Police Contact List

Volume 1, Chapter 4 – Children in Care

Section 1.4.2 – Places of Safety

  1. Orientation to Place of Safety Policy and Standards
  2. Service Contracts
  3. Leaving Child in Hospital as Place of Safety
  4. Placement by Police
  5. Compliance with Provincial Place of Safety Requirements
  6. Closing Agency Place-of-Safety Records

Section 1.4.3 – Use of Hotels

  1. Placing Children in Hotels and Motels

Section 1.4.7 – Absent and Missing Children

  1. Planning for Absences from Placement
  2. Reporting Missing Children
  3. Sending Photograph to Police
  4. Reporting Located Children to Police
  5. Documenting Actions regarding Missing and Absconding Children

Section 1.4.9 – Children with FASD

  1. Identification and Diagnosis of FASD
  2. Preparing and Involving Caregivers for Children with FASD
  3. Support and Respite
  4. Transitioning Youth with FASD
  5. Personal Health and Mental Health Information
  6. Medical Records and Transition Planning

Volume 1, Chapter 5 – Foster Homes

Section 1.5.1 – Resource Management

  1. Development and Management of Foster Homes
  2. Staff Orientation to Foster Care
  3. Foster Home Worker Assignment
  4. Orientation to Foster Home Applicants
  5. Opening a Foster Care Management Case
  6. Foster Care Management Record Content
  7. Record Confidentiality and Access
  8. Closing a Foster Care Management Record
  9. Maintaining Current Placement Resource List

Section 1.5.2 – Licensing and Licensing Appeals

  1. Processing Foster Home Applications
  2. Initial Screening of Foster Home Applicants and Others
  3. Foster Home Applicants Applying Elsewhere or Already Licensed
  4. Applicants and Others on the Child Abuse Registry
  5. Persons Subject to a Child Protection Investigation
  6. Persons with Criminal Record
  7. Foster Home Assessments and Inspections
  8. Third Party Foster Home Assessments
  9. Documenting the Application Process
Issuing a Licence
  1. Approving Foster Home Licence
  2. Issuing a Foster Home Licence
  3. Licensing Places of Safety as Foster Homes
  4. Refusing to Licence a Foster Home
  5. Renewing a Foster Home Licence
Transferring a Licence
  1. Foster Home Information and Documentation
  2. Proposed Licensing Agency Response
  3. Licence Transfer Agreement
  4. Former Licensing Agency Record
  5. New Licensing Agency Record
Processing Licensing Appeals
  1. Agency Licensing Appeal Process
  2. Notifying Placing Agencies of Licensing Suspensions

Section 1.5.3 – Foster Home Placements

  1. Foster Home Selection
  2. Information on Child Shared with Prospective Foster Parent
  3. Foster Home Pre-Placement Process
  4. Making Foster Home Placements
  5. Managing Foster Home Placements
  6. Sharing Foster Home Resources
  7. Information on Foster Children in Foster Care Management Records
  8. Current Information on Foster Care Management Record
  9. Informing Foster Parents of Payments
  10. Assessing Special Rate/Needs Funding
  11. Absences and Missing Children

Section 1.5.4 – Care Responsibilities

  1. Exemptions to Physical Environment Requirements
  2. Foster Child Health and Safety
  3. Foster Home Incident Reporting
  4. Foster Child Grievances
  5. Agency Reviews of Foster Grievances

Section 1.5.5 – Support and Respite

  1. Assessing Support and Respite Requirements
  2. Coordinating Support and Respite Services
  3. Screening Support and Respite Workers
  4. Screening Casual Workers
  5. Approving Casual Out-of-Home Respite
  6. Emergency Respite Arrangements

Section 1.5.6 – Removing Foster Children

  1. Deciding to Remove a Foster Child
  2. Contents of Amended Child Care Plan
  3. Agreeing to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  4. Reporting Results of ADR
  5. Recording Decision to Remove Foster Child
  6. Tracking Reviews, Reconsiderations and Appeals
  7. Reconsideration by Mandating Authorities

Volume 1, Chapter 7 - Service Administration

Section 1.7.1 – Service Records

Record Management Practices

  1. Agency Service Record Policies
  2. Recording Incidental Service Contacts
  3. Case Decisions at Intake
  4. Content of Intake Records
  5. Content of Records Opened for Ongoing Service
  6. Current Photographs of All Children in Care
  7. Personal Health and Mental Health Information
  8. Duplicate Information and Records
  9. Child Protection and Voluntary Family Services Cases
  10. Transfer and Closing Summaries
  11. Review of Service Records by Supervisors
  12. Disclosing Information from a Service Record
  13. Recording Requests for Access to Service Records
  14. Complaints Related to Confidentiality and Access

Record Storage and Security

  1. Record Storage
  2. Authorized Access to Records
  3. Closed Child-in-Care Records
  4. Closed Adoption Records

Record Authority Schedules

  1. Designated Persons to Administer Schedules
  2. Regular Scheduling of Records

Section 1.7.3 – Reviewing Complaints

  1. Written Agency Review Policy
  2. Informing Service Applicants and Recipients
  3. Informing Agency Staff and Others
  4. Processing Complaints
  5. Handling Complaints in a Confidential Manner
  6. Levels of Review
  7. Sharing Results of a Review
  8. Recording Results of a Review

Section 1.7.4 – Death or Injury of a Child

Reporting to Director and Authorities

  1. Reporting Agency
  2. Reporting Death of Child in Care
  3. Additional Information on Death of Child in Care
  4. Reporting Death of Child Not in Care
  5. Reporting Serious Injury to Child in Care
  6. Notifying Parent or Next of Kin
  7. Further Reports to Director

Internal Agency Reviews

  1. Internal Agency Review Objectives
  2. Consultation with Mandating Authority
  3. Completion of Internal Agency Review

External Investigations and Reviews

  1. Facilitating External Investigations and Reviews

Volume 1, Chapter 8 - Agency Standards

Section 1.8.2 Human Resource Practices

  1. Written Agency Human Resource Policies
  2. Entry Qualifications for Child Protection Workers
  3. Field Staff 2 (FS2) Designation
  4. Hiring Persons with Field Staff 1 (FS1) Qualifications
  5. Supervision of Persons with FS1 Qualifications
  6. Mentoring of Persons with FS1 Qualifications
  7. Probationary Period of Employment
  8. Education and Training Plan
  9. Reclassification to FS2 Status
  10. Exemptions to Education and Training Plan Requirements