Child and Youth Services Division

Child and Family Services
  • To work with Child and Family Services Authorities (Authorities), child welfare agencies, community-based agencies, regional offices, community access area teams, and others, to keep children safe and protected, and to promote the healthy development, well-being and inclusion of children and families.
  • To support the development and maintenance of healthy relationships among parents, children and their extended family networks; to address the needs of children in need of protection, including those in alternative care; and to assist people affected by family violence and family disruption.
  • To assist community organizations and communities to increase their capacity to support the healthy development, well-being and inclusion of children and families.
  • To provide policy, program, financial and other assistance and support to Authorities, service providers and other organizations.
  • To work collaboratively with communities, community organizations, other governments, other funders, and other sectors to improve outcomes and results for children and families.

Divisional Responsibilities
  • Provides central program management of strategic initiatives for Child and Family Services Division programs and co-management of strategic initiatives for other divisions within the department.
  • Provides program, policy and administrative direction and support for services to children in care, and child protection and adoption services to communities and families in accordance with The Child and Family Services Act, The Child and Family Services Authorities Act and The Adoption Act. These services are delivered by child and family services agencies and regional offices under the auspices of the four Authorities. As well, the division provides financial assistance to other agencies providing specialized services.
  • Develops service purchase agreements, funding models and quality assurance mechanisms; reviews agency business plans as part of Manitoba’s agreement with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada regarding the funding of First Nations Child and Family Services agencies in Manitoba; and maintains accountability for public funds with respect to divisional programs.
  • Licences, provides program and financial support to residential child care facilities and residential child treatment centres.
  • Provides funding, program and administrative direction and support to a wide continuum of community-based agencies which offer services to abused women, their children, and men with abusive behaviours.
  • Provides funding, program and administrative direction to a continuum of community-based agencies offering services to at-risk children and families.
  • Provides policy support to the Family Conciliation program.


The Early Learning and Child Care Program oversees licensed early learning and child care in the province. The Branch is committed to the well-being of children and their families by supporting the provision of quality, licensed, play-based early learning and child care programs for children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age.
Healthy Child Manitoba works with families to support their children within strong communities. Responding to research indicating the first five years of life are critical to a child’s future development, in 2000, the provincial government implemented the Healthy Child Manitoba (HCM) Strategy – a network of programs and supports for children, youth and families. This nationally recognized strategy was set in legislation under The Healthy Child Manitoba Act in 2007.