Business Technology Support Services Office

The Business Technology Support Services Office (BTSS) is the centre of excellence for managing Information Technology projects and plays a critical role in supporting all divisions to fulfill the Department’s strategic goals and objectives.

The BTSS Office is the central resource within the Department providing professional project, portfolio and change management supports and services, and is responsible for the coordination and management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assets for the department.

Specific responsibilities include:
  • managing the Department’s portfolio of work to ensure that projects are prioritized and in alignment with strategic goals and priorities
  • supporting informed executive and strategic decision-making through effective project portfolio management processes
  • enhancing project delivery outcomes through effective project management and change management expertise (e.g., improved risk identification and mitigation strategies; standardized processes and tools; and transparent communication on project performance and outcomes)
  • providing financial management of expenditures for ICT services requested, required or consumed by the Department
  • coordinating security for departmental ICT assets, as well as monitoring the continuity of ICT-related services