Fisheries Education

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Commercial Fishing

Benefits derived from the use of the fisheries resource also contributes to our economy by generating income and creating jobs. Fish have also been a major source of food for people and some Manitobans continue to use fish as a source of food for their families. Using fish as food is especially important in northern communities as it saves these families valuable money that is needed for other necessities. Some people rely on fishing for income to support their families. Fish they catch provide a healthy food for others who "catch" their food at the grocery store.

Sport Fishing

Still other people enjoy fishing as a stress relieving leisure activity. Businesses that support all of these activities, by processing and selling fish, selling fishing equipment like nets and hooks, or offering services, such as fuel, accommodations or guides, also benefit by providing indirect jobs and income which support other Manitobans.

Commercial Fishing

Society also benefits from using the fisheries resource in less obvious ways. For many people in remote northern areas of the province, fishing is one of the few economic opportunities available to them and being able to fish and provide for their families gives them a feeling of well-being and a sense of pride in contributing to the self-sufficiency of their families and communities.

Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing also offers the opportunity for families of all types to connect and grow in a healthy environment. The presence of a healthy fish resource is one indicator of a healthy environment.

At times, additional uses are made of fisheries resources. For example, we use some of Manitoba's major rivers to generate hydroelectric power, irrigate agricultural crops and water livestock.

Fish HabitatSkiing

Our lakes and rivers provide drinking water for communities and recreational opportunities such as boating, water skiing and swimming.

"Agriculture and Resource Development" means balancing all of these uses that people make of the environment to meet their needs. By maintaining and improving the environment, we will meet the needs of future generations. We are all responsible for ensuring that fish are available and healthy environments in which they live are present for the next generation.