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Affordability Payments for Families


Family Affordability Benefit Payment

As part of the new Family Affordability Package, every Manitoba family with a household net income of under $175,000 in 2021, who have children under 18 years of age will receive a $250 cheque for the first child plus an additional $200 for each additional child under 18.

This is a refundable tax credit and not taxable income.

It is estimated that approximately 145,000 payments will be sent out to families with children for a total of $63.6 million, with an average payment of $438.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Manitoba families that have at least one child as of August 31, 2022 and that have less than $175,000 in family net income will receive a payment.
  • Payments will be $250 for the first eligible child and $200 for each additional eligible child.
  • Children who were born no later than August 31, 2022 and who are under the age of 18 as of August 31, 2022.
  • The $175,000 limit is based on a person's adjusted family net annual income that is used for purposes of the Canada Child Benefit program. This includes the 2021 adjusted net income of both the eligible individual and their cohabiting spouse or common-law partner (if applicable) as of August 31, 2022. If a person's marital status has changed since December 31, 2021, and they have not informed the Canada Revenue Agency, they should do so as soon as possible at the following link as their eligibility may be affected:
    Contact the CRA - Canada child benefit (CCB) -
  • Persons will not receive payments until they have filed their 2021 income tax return.
  • Persons will have until December 31, 2022 to file their 2021 income tax return in order to be eligible.
  • Those who filed their 2021 income tax return after December 31, 2022 will not be eligible.
  • Cheques will start being mailed in early October 2022. 
  • Cheques will automatically be mailed to person eligible to receive a payment.
  • A cheque will be mailed to the same person’s address used for the Canada Child Benefit.
  • If you believe you are eligible for a family affordability cheque but have not received one, you can apply here.
  • Applications will be accepted until July 1, 2023. 
  • Persons who are eligible for the Canada Child Benefit, but have chosen not to register for that program, can still receive a payment. They should contact Manitoba Government Inquiry to confirm their eligibility.
  • It is estimated that approximately 145,000 payments, totalling $63.6 million, will be sent to families with children, with an average payment of $438. This will help support approximately 282,000 children.
  • No. The payments will legislated as refundable tax credits under the Income Tax Act and will not be taxable.
  • No. The payments are being administered outside of the income tax return system. Those who didn’t receive an advance payment, they should contact Manitoba Government Inquiry.

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