ICT Shared Services (ICTSS)

Our Mandate

The ICT Shared Services Branch is accountable for the management and alignment of our client departments’ ICT investments and services with their business strategies and priorities.

Our Mission

With broad expertise and dedication we plan, organize, and direct the delivery and support of ICT solutions in our client departments. Our mission is to ensure that we are doing the right things, doing them the right way, and doing them well so that our clients have effective ICT services at an affordable cost, within acceptable time frames and with an acceptable level of risk.

Our LEAN Focus

Activities we avoid that consume resources without creating value for our department and our clients.

  • Rework

  • Multiple Reviews and Approvals

  • Providing or collecting duplicate information

  • Collecting more information than required

  • Entering information in more than one system

  • Delays and long processing times

  • Over-Processing

  • Under-utilized resources