Civil Service Commission Board

The Civil Service Commission Board applies and carries out those provisions of The Civil Service Act for which it is responsible.

The Civil Service Commission Board members are:

  • Robert Pruden, Chairperson
  • Charlene Paquin, Civil Service Commissioner
  • Russell Malkoske, Citizen Member
  • Brian Stewart, Citizen Member
  • Yvonne Pompana, Citizen Member


More specifically we:

  1. Provide a quasi-judicial appeal function for matters appealable to the Civil Service Commission under authority of The Civil Service Act, Regulations and/or applicable collective agreements.

Appeal functions include:

  • All appeals (such as selection, classification and disciplinary matters) from excluded employees
  • Appeals regarding selection and classification disputes from bargaining unit employees
  • Appeals on management-originated classification requests
  • Appeals on alleged violations of The Civil Service Act
  • Appeals under the conflict of interest policy from government employees
  • Appeals against trial rejections
  1. Monitor the effectiveness of administration of delegated authorities through scheduled reviews.
  1. Advise the Minister Responsible for The Civil Service Act on issues impacting on human resource management in government.
  1. Hold regular administrative meetings to approve items requiring a decision of the Civil Service Commission under The Civil Service Act and Regulations.