Designated Heritage Buildings

What is the Designated Heritage Buildings Grant Program?

This program is designed to assist the owners and lesses of a building which is of historical signficance, and is designated as a heritage site under The Heritage Resources Act or City of Winnipeg By-Law No. 1474/77. The objective of the program is to ensure that work complies with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

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What is the deadline?

Completed applications must be received by the Historic Resources Branch by no later than March 15.

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Who can apply?

In order to receive grant assistance, an application must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Buildings must be legally designated at the time of application under The Heritage Resources Act or City of Winnipeg By-Lawe No. 1474/77.
  • The application must be for work that will be undertaken after a grant has been approved (notification is generally provided approximately three months after the application deadlines). Grants will not be provided for work completed prior to grant approval.
  • Applicant must own or be a long-term lessee of the designated heritage site.
  • If the applicant is a lessee with a long-term lease - for a minimum of ten years beyond the date of application to this program - they must have written permission from the owner to undertake the proposed work on the property.

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What is the funding formula?

Provincially Designated Heritage Sites and Municipally Designated Heritage Sites are eligible for grants up to $35,000.00 on a 50% Department, 50% applicant basis. Typically, maximum grant amounts are only approved for special projects. The average approved grant amount is about $8,000.00. The average approved grant amount for a single-family house is about $3,000.00.

Due to demand on the grant program, some grants may be provided over two or more fiscal years (for example, a $35,000 grant may be split into $17,500.00 in one year and $17,500.00 in the following year). Reapplication will be required for each year... more.

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How do you apply for a grant?


Historic Resources Branch
Main Floor - 213 Notre Dame
Winnipeg MB  R3B 1N3
T: 204-945-2118
F: 204-948-2384

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