The Manitoba Advantage in Egg Protein

The province has a thriving egg sector with a strong commitment to animal health and welfare, plus food safety across the value chain. Manitoba has access to quality feed grains, an economical and sustainable land base, and a good transportation network.


Manitoba’s Egg Industry

The egg industry in Manitoba includes production and processing.

  • There are 156 registered egg layer farms and 2 hatcheries in Manitoba, producing around 72.3 million dozen eggs per year.
  • There were roughly 2.8 million egg-laying hens and 2.8 million egg-type pullets in Manitoba in 2020. 
  • An egg layer farm in Manitoba typically houses 15,000 hens that lay about 380,000 dozen eggs per year.
  • Manitoba is home to 19 egg-grading stations, including two large egg graders.
  • Egg production in Manitoba generated $123.6 million in farm cash receipts in 2020 worth 5.2 per cent of total livestock farm cash receipts, an increase of 7.2 per cent compared to 2016. 

Manitoba has seen significant growth in egg production in recent years, with about 370,000 additional laying hens and 150,000 additional egg-type pullets introduced within the last decade.

Manitoba produces 10 per cent of Canada’s eggs, with provincial layer allocations controlled through a national supply-managed marketing system.


Producer Companies:

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Market and Consumer Trends

Egg consumption is on the rise in Canada at 21.3 dozen eggs per person in 2020.

Canada has seen an increase in egg consumption over the last decade. This is due to a shift in consumer attitude towards eggs and protein-based diets, as well as an increase in niche-market and convenience-egg products in the marketplace. 


The University of Manitoba conducts research that focuses on regulation and extraction of the nutrient content of eggs.

Egg farmers in Manitoba support research related to poultry health and welfare, industry best practices, and food safety and sustainability through Manitoba Egg Farmers. Manitoba Egg Farmers is a part of Egg Farmers of Canada, one of the founding members of the Canadian Poultry Research Council.

The Food Development Centre conducts research into co-products of production to add value.


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