Growing Innovation: Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative Projects Approved as of March 31, 2016

Applicant Organization Project Name Total Amount Approved
Canola Council of Canada A Green Process for Obtaining Canolol from Canola Meal  $     53,500.00
Canola Council of Canada Control of Sclerotinia in canola using RNA interference technologies  $   139,186.66
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Optimizing phosphorus utilization and bedding management  $   139,925.00
Hemp Oil Canada Bio-catalytic reduction of chlorophyll pigments in hemp seed oil and its synergistic effects  $     64,000.00
International Nutrition Research Inc. Anti-diabetic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Saskatoon Berry   $     87,010.00
Mancan Genetics Ltd Breeding of buckwheat varieties with novel characteristics and health benefits  $     30,000.00
Manitoba Beef Producers Farm-Based Risk Assessment within the Riding Mountain Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Area  $     38,000.00
Manitoba Corn Growers Association Manitoba Corn Initiative - Corn Agronomy, Fertility, and Agro-meteorology Project   $   138,801.00
Manitoba Egg Farmers Development of an ammonia removal system for cage-free laying hen barns  $     10,810.00
Manitoba Egg Farmers Assessment of Cleanout and Bio-security Programs in Layer Barns  $     34,726.71
Manitoba Forage Seed Association Perennial Ryegrass Disease control evaluation and the study of the interaction of Diseases with the Host Plant Environment  $     30,846.00
Manitoba Organic Alliance Crop management research for high quality organic seed production.  $     93,000.00
Manitoba Pork Council Impact of in-feed and intra-vaginal administration of pro-biotics   $     80,000.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Phosphorus Fertilization Beneficial Management Practices for Soybeans in Manitoba  $     64,653.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Effect of Soil Temperature at different planting dates, and residue management, on soybean  $     49,650.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Soybean Residue Management  $     88,933.31
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Manitoba Soybean Cyst Nematode Survey  $     15,333.33
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Alternative Methods to Reduce Root Rots in Soybean and other Pulses  $   105,000.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Research and technical support for on-farm transition to organic soybean production  $     78,866.66
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Enhancing Manitoba Soybean Yield and Quality under Sub-Optimal Conditions  $     40,624.00
Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers (WGRF) Influence of Genotype, Weather and the Growing Environment, and Crop Management on Gluten Strength   $   192,177.50
Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers (WGRF) Development of hormone based genomic tools to accelerate wheat breeding  $   116,000.00
National Sunflower Association of Canada Confection Sunflower Variety Development Initiative  $   320,000.00
Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op Ltd. Hemp Cannabinoid  & Fibre Variety Development    $   198,200.00
Plains Industrial Hemp Processing Ltd. (PIHP) Development and Optimization of Hemp Hurds for Oil Absorption and Bioremediation  $     60,000.00
Prairie Paper Ventures Inc. 100% Tree-Free Ag Fibre Paper  $   150,000.00
Spectrum Agricultural Inc. Enhanced singulation rate for optical kernel sorting  $     56,306.34
Spectrum Agricultural Inc. Removal of Ergot from Cereal Crops  $       6,145.00
St. Boniface Research Foundation The effect of dietary flaxseed on patients with high blood pressure  $   136,161.00
TM Therapeutics Validating the "Foods for Health" portfolio of functional food products:   $   175,000.00
Western Feed Grain Development Co-operative Ltd. Identifying parent material for (non-GMO) wheat trait development focusing on flood tolerance  $   400,000.00
XiteBio Technologies Inc. Development of Bio-inoculants for Increased Yield in Canola, Wheat and Barley  $     30,000.00
Manitoba Corn Growers Association Manitoba Corn Initiative - Corn Agronomy, Fertility, and Agrometeorology Project   $     92,388.00
Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Assoc. Application and Evaluation of Genomic Selection for Improving Fusarium Head Resistance  $     97,467.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Evaluating the effect of Simulated Hail Damage on Soybean Maturity, Yield & Quality  $     65,490.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Late Planting of Early Maturing Soybeans in Manitoba  $     25,719.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Use of MB Peas as Nitrogen Nutrient in Fermentations  $     46,500.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers  Economic and Biological Implications of Volunteer Canola in Soybean  $     40,000.00
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Effects of Black & Navy Beans on Blood Vessels Function and Remodeling  $     44,922.00
Manitoba Forage Seed Assoc Advancing our Knowledge of Trinexapac-ethyl in the Grass Seed Industry  $     74,092.00
Zyme Fast inc. PEDv Trials and Development for use in Canada as both a Vaccine and Feed Additive to Control PEDv  $   250,000.00
Composites Innovation Centre European Flax Decortication Process and Material Evaluation  $     26,905.00
Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre Determination of Aerial Spore Counts of Black dot (C. coccodes) and Silver Scurf (H. solani) in Potato Storages  $     14,040.00
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Hemp Product Consumption and Human Health Trails  $   114,770.57
Manitoba Beef Producers Impact of Cow-Calf Feeding and Vaccination Strategies on Carcass Outcomes in Beef Cattle  $   261,234.00
Manitoba Egg Farmers Effective Dietary Phosphorus Management with Phytase and Multicarbohydrase Supplementation   $     88,350.00
Manitoba Egg Farmers Determination of Phosphorus Requirements in Pullets and Laying Hens  $   180,000.00
Manitoba Beekeepers' Association First Steps in Risk Assessment: Blacklegged Tick Seasonality and Development in Southern Manitoba  $     78,400.00
Peak of the Market Evaluation of Management Strategies to Control Insecticide Resistant Populations of Colorado Potato Beetle  $     38,460.00
Peak of the Market Influence of Nitrogen on the Yield and Quality of Dark Red Norland, Sangre and Viking Potato Varieties  $     41,525.00
J.G. Pizzey inc. Effect of Dietary Flaxseed on alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) Metabolism  $     84,065.00
Canola Council of Canada Canola Oil Multi-Centre Intervention Trial (COMIT II)  $     87,500.00
Manitoba Hydro Enhanced Bioenergy Production through Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Dairy Manure and Local Organic Waste Streams  $   111,970.00
Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. Microbial Community Composition and Function in Compost Tea and Plant Based Composts  $     16,000.00
Maple Leaf Food Inc. Genetic Markers for Flavour Selection in Pork  $   252,300.00
ManCan Genetics Inc. Breeding Buckwheat Varieties with Novel Characteristics and Health Benefits  $     43,900.00
CanaMaize Seed Non GMO conventional soybean breeding program  $     50,000.00
Aquanty Inc. Modeling land-use and climate influences on the hydrologic characteristics of the Assiniboine River Basin.  $   191,600.00
Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Manitoba General & Herbicide-Resistant Weed Surveys  $     26,931.00
Shape Foods, Inc. Effects of dietary flaxseed protein in kidney disease  $     57,980.00
Wellness Institute of Seven Oaks General Hospital Development Of Health and Wellness Products for Weight Management using Manitoba Ingredients  $     48,250.00
XiteBio Technologies Inc. Use of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to control head and root diseases caused by Fusarium spp. in wheat and barley  $   180,000.00
Exigence Technologies Incorporated Self-Disinfecting Food Contact Surface Coating Project  $   519,300.00
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Milk Microbiome as a Biomarker for Reducing the Risk of Mastitis in Manitoba Dairy Farms  $     61,300.00
University of Manitoba Prairie Cordgrass as a Biomass Feedstock for Manitoba  $     47,350.00
                                                        TOTAL:  $ 6,581,564.08

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