Food Safety Program, for Processor and Distributors


The Food Safety Program, for Processors and Distributors is funded under Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a new Agricultural Policy Framework program.  Growing Forward 2 is a five-year agricultural policy framework agreement among federal-provincial-territorial governments..  

The Food Safety Program was developed to increase the number of non-federally registered, food processing plants developing and implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and/or ISO 22000 food safety and traceability systems (fish and shellfish processing plants are excluded).

The Food Safety Program was developed to improve the safety and traceability knowledge and awareness of the food processing, transportation, and warehousing sector and associated stakeholders.      

Funding information:

Manitoba HACCP Advantage

The goal of the Manitoba HACCP Advantage program is to identify hazards and implement measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce hazards.

Industry Resources


For further information please contact:  Jill Zacharias (Food safety Programs manager)

For general information, contact your local MAFRI GO Centre.