Financial Assistance

Growing Assurance - Food Safety Processing and Distribution



This program provides funding to develop food safety and traceability systems and assistance to optimize animal welfare and biosecurity best practices.


Eligible applicants include:

  • Food processors
  • Distributors
  • Transporters
  • Direct food contact packaging manufacturers
  • Abattoirs
  • Auction Marts and Assembly Yards


Applicants must be legally operating in Manitoba and provide a copy of their Permit to Operate a Food Handling Establishment, Certificate of Registration, License to Operate or Livestock Dealer or Agents License, if applicable.

Fish and Seafood processors, distributors and transporters are not eligible for program funds under this program.


The chart below details some of the information available in the Growing Assurance Adoption Catalogue. Included are the specific activities, funding levels, cost share ratios and completion deadlines.

Activity Category Category Cap Cost Share Ratio (Gov to Applicant)  In-Kind Contribution Project Completion Deadline (Months)
Basic GMP Program $5,000 65:35 35% 12
Comprehensive GMP Program $15,000 65:35 10% 18
HACCP Program
(includes Comprehensive GMP)
$25,000 65:35 10% 24
Food Safety Program
Upgrade (1.0)
$20,000* 65:35 10% 12
Food Safety Program
Upgrade (2.0)
$10,000 50:50 10% 12
Traceability System Program $10,000 50:50 N/A 6
Livestock Welfare Processor Program $50,000 65:35 10% 12
Biosecurity Processor Program $50,000 65:35 10% 18

* Up to a maximum of $20,000. See the Growing Assurance Adoption Catalogue for further information.

Applicants who have not used the maximum from a previous food safety claim are eligible to apply for any remaining funds, subject to the current cost-share ratios.


  1. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture program specialist who can help clarify requirements, explain technical details and estimate project costs. This will save time and effort and speed up the funding process for eligible applicants.
  2. Complete your application in full and attach all required documents.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documents to your local Manitoba Agriculture GO Office or to your Manitoba Agriculture program specialist if one has already been assigned.
  4. When your application is received, a Manitoba Agriculture food safety specialist will contact you to arrange for an onsite gap assessment. The assessment reviews the baselines and objectives of your project and includes a basic food safety risk analysis. For Livestock Welfare Processor Program applications, the Animal Welfare - Humane Slaughter Specialist will contact you to arrange an initial animal welfare assessment and to develop a project work plan. This work plan outlines project objectives and actions for improving animal welfare best practices. For the Biosecurity Processor Program application, a program specialist will contact you to arrange an onsite biosecurity assessment.
  5. Before you start your project, you must sign and return the approval letter from Manitoba Agriculture.
  6. It is your responsibility to review and follow all conditions outlined in the approval letter before you complete your project.
  7. Funding will only be provided for project costs incurred after your gap assessment, animal welfare assessment, or biosecurity assessment date and after you receive your approval letter from Manitoba Agriculture outlining any specific considerations or requirements, completion date and claims submission date.
  8. All capital expenses (including installation costs) for your program must be approved in writing, in advance, by Manitoba Agriculture. Any capital items you purchase under the program cannot be sold or exchanged for at least two years after the purchase date.
  9. In-kind contributions include labour or staff training only (at $20 per hour). They can only be used to offset your food safety program, Livestock Welfare Processor Program and Biosecurity Processor Program cost share percentage.
  10. Once your project is complete, a Manitoba Agriculture program specialist will do an inspection/assessment to ensure you have met all the requirements of the program and any conditions outlined in your approval letter. For traceability system claims, an audit inspection of program purchase(s) may be required. Once the specialist advises you have met all the requirements and conditions, you may submit a completed project claim.
  11. To avoid any payment delays, ensure that your claim form is properly completed and all documentation including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payment are provided.
  12. Your claim must be postmarked no later than 30 days after your completed milestone or implementation assessment date

Terms and Conditions (PDF 107 KB)

Note: You must receive an approval letter from the program before you start your project. Applications for projects that were started before you received a project approval letter will not be accepted.

Due to an overwhelming response, this program is fully subscribed and will not be accepting applications at this time.  If you have any questions or are interested in being contacted if further funding becomes available, please send your inquiry to the following email address


Application Approval Process
Applications are reviewed and approved by Manitoba Agriculture. Information collected during the gap assessment, animal welfare assessment, biosecurity assessment, and the project work plan will be evaluated during the approval process. Representatives from Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Health, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada may be consulted to ensure that the applicant is legally operating in Manitoba and any funding requests meet all eligibility requirements. 

For more information, email the CVO/Food Safety Knowledge Centre or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.