Direct Farm Marketing Conference - 2019

February 8th and 9th, 2019

Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Direct Farm Manitoba will be hosting the 2019 Direct Farm Marketing Conference in Winnipeg. This conference will be a valuable opportunity to meet and learn from leaders in the direct farm marketing sector.
Today’s consumer is looking for exceptional quality, safety and service from the food industry while interest in knowing the story behind the products they buy continues to grow. 
This conference will provide attendees with:
     • new marketing ideas
     • information on emerging trends in farm business diversification including agri-food,  
       agritourism and farmers’ markets
     • the latest production techniques
     • safe food for your clients
     • opportunities in the direct farm marketing sector
For more information on the conference and registration go here.


"The conference is a great place to see what's happening and what can happen. It's a way to take your perspective  wider and look at all kinds of options."
Dora Friesen, Integrity Foods, Riverton MB
"Find your passion. Is it apples and apple juice? Then why not sell it direct, and be proud that your produce is made in Manitoba. You got a dream, go after it."
Danny Kleinsasser, Danny's Whole Hog, Stony Mountain MB