Manitoba Agriculture and Rural Development delivers programming that supports the development of Manitoba's agriculture and agri-processing sector while protecting the province's environmental resources.

The Agri-Ecosystems & Land Management (AELM) section of the Lands Branch is the point of contact in government for leadership and advice on agri-environmental issues and represents Manitoba in regional and national discussions. The Branch also oversees Manitoba's agri-environment programming.

Staff of Agri-Ecosystems & Land Management focus their efforts on the development of programs, policies, regulations and extension materials to facilitate the adoption of beneficial management practices (BMPs). 


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What's New

Manitoba Agriculture has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering virtual EFP workshops. 



Financial Assistance Programs

Funding is available to farmers and Industry Services Providers for the full suite of  beneficial management practices (BMPs) under Ag Action Manitoba - Assurance. Applications are available  November 8, 2022 - December 10, 2022 for activities to take place in the 2022 field year. 


Ag Action Manitoba - Assurance - Watershed EGS 

Watershed districts in Manitoba can apply to the Ag Action Manitoba program activity called 'Assurance'. This activity includes Watershed Ecological Goods and Services (EGS), which provides funding to watershed districts to work with farmers to implement practices that conserve and enhance ecological goods and services (EGS) on the agricultural landscape. The activity has seven focus areas to improve water quality and management and provides other important environmental services derived from well-managed natural capital on agricultural lands.