December 2002 Situation of Bovine Tuberculosis in Manitoba

On January 1, 2003 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) split Manitoba into two different TB status areas as follows:

  • Riding Mountain TB Eradication Area (RMEA) consisting of Game hunting Areas (GHA) 23 and 23A, which will be upgraded to the new TB-accredited-advanced status from its current TB-accredited status
  • Manitoba TB Eradication Area which will consist of the remainder of the province (approximately 90% of Manitoba cattle herds) and will be upgraded from its current TB-accredited status to TB-free status

See the Map of TB Positives 1991-2002. The area covered is:

  • West of Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) to Highway #83
  • North of RMNP to Highway #5
  • East of RMNP to Highway #5
  • South of RMNP to Highway #45 and Mountain Road (#357)

When Manitoba is zoned into the different TB areas, CFIA will require the following for all cattle and farmed bison that move out of the RMEA:

  • A CFIA movement permit
  • That animals meet certain criteria to indicate they are not of risk to spread TB

The changes will only affect cattle and farmed bison in the RMEA area; it has no impact on the area’s sheep, pigs, farmed elk, and other domestic livestock.

The purpose of the RMEA is to allow CFIA to control and eradicate TB, in the most effective manner, in an area that appears to have a TB reservoir in wild elk and possibly deer. It will enable the majority of Canadian producers (99%) to maintain their TB-free status. It is important, however, the zone regains its TB-free status as soon as possible to relieve the extra burden for producers in the RMEA. Although this will take several years, with the hard work and co-operation by all involved it can be done.

Zoning of Manitoba will not immediately change the import requirements by the United States (US) for Manitoba cattle. It is only after the zoning program has been in place for several months, will the US decide on whether it is adequate. This may take 6 months to a year or more before they will accept the remainder of Manitoba as having TB-free status.