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Small Capital Grants and Special Initiatives Program

Application Deadline: September 26, 2022

How to Apply: Submit a completed application form and supporting documents to

  • Applications available August 16, 2022


Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund

The Manitoba government's Arts, Culture and Sport in Community (ACSC) fund provides grants to support the arts, culture (heritage, public libraries, and ethnocultural organizations) and amateur sport sectors, enhancing Manitobans' opportunities to access quality programming and facilities in their own community.


General Information



The ACSC Small Capital Grants and Special Initiatives Program will strengthen the arts, culture, and sport sectors, enhance their ability to bring Manitobans together and contribute to thriving sustainable communities; and support the development and renewal of the facilities and spaces needed for arts, culture, and sport programming and activities.


  • To support the arts, culture and amateur sport sectors and enhance their contributions to Manitobans
  • To support the development and renewal of facilities and spaces needed for arts, culture and amateur sport sector programming and activity
  • To support opportunities for Manitobans to celebrate and share their unique culture and community
  • To support projects that will help strengthen arts, culture and amateur sport organizations; enhance their ability to engage a diverse population; and contribute to vibrant and healthy communities


Desired Outcomes
  • Manitoba's arts, culture and sport sectors are able to innovate and respond to emerging community needs.
  • Manitobans have increased access to arts, culture and sport programming and activities in their communities.
  • Manitobans have high quality and modern facilities within their communities to engage in arts, culture and sport activity and programming.
  • Manitobans have opportunities to learn about and celebrate their unique heritage, culture, and communities


Eligible Applicants

All eligible organizations must:

  • have been incorporated as a non-profit within Canada or Manitoba for a minimum of one-year; or must be established as a Public Library under the Public Libraries Act; and
  • have established operations in Manitoba

Eligible organizations include:

  • Non-profit organizations and associations with a mandate to serve the arts, culture or amateur sport
  • Non-profit ethnocultural and Indigenous community organizations engaged in the protection, promotion, education or appreciation of shared language, tradition, heritage, and/or culture
  • Public libraries
  • Crown corporations and Crown Agencies with a mandate to serve the arts, culture and sport sectors


Small Capital


Eligible Facilities

Eligible Small Capital Projects must be in facilities that:

  • Are located within Manitoba
  • Are open to the general public
  • Are used for arts, culture or sports programming and/or activity
  • Are owned by an eligible applicant; or
  • Are leased by an eligible applicant (provided applicant has a lease that extends more than five years past project completion *)
    • These sites are eligible for development or renewal of programming space and facilities.

* Applicants that do not own their facilities are required to provide proof of lease agreement (or confirmation from the municipal or provincial authority) and written permission from the owner for the work that is taking place.


Eligible Projects may include
  • Capital projects that support the development and renewal of facilities and spaces needed for arts, culture and sport sector programming and activity
  • Acquisition of specialized equipment needed for arts, culture and sport sector programming and activity
  • Planning, feasibility and facility assessment projects intended to lead to capital work
  • Design and production of major permanent interpretive installations including exhibitions or outdoor interpretive signage; heritage projects with a grant request under $10,000.00 should seek funding from the Heritage Grants Program.


Special Initiatives


Eligible Special Initiatives must
  • be located within Manitoba
  • be available to the general public
  • advance arts, culture and sports programming and activity

Including but not limited to:

  • Planning, training or other activities that support the development of leadership and organizational capacity
  • New arts, culture or sport initiatives or programs
  • Pilot projects
  • Special initiatives designed to expand or enhance existing services or programming
  • Acquisition of moveable equipment, furniture and technology
  • Planning, feasibility and facility assessment projects


Small Capital & Special Initiatives
Additional Information


Eligible Costs

All costs, incurred on or after April 1, 2022, directly related to the completion of an eligible project, excluding those identified under ineligible costs. Expenses incurred before notification of a successful application are undertaken at the applicant's risk.

NOTE: The applicant must demonstrate that it has (or how it will acquire) the resources to complete the project. Applicant budgets may include the following funding types:

  • Self-generated revenues/funds on hand, federal or local government contributions, grants, donations, fundraising and sponsorships
  • In-kind contributions: volunteer labour, donated materials, loaned equipment
    • In-kind contributions are eligible project costs/revenues and can be used toward the applicant's contribution, but are not eligible for provincial ACSC funding.
Provincial Contribution

For projects with total eligible expenses of:

  • up to $25,000.00: ACSC will provide a provincial contribution of up to 100% of the eligible project costs
  • between $25,000 and $50,000.00: ASCS will provide a maximum of $25,000.00
  • greater than $50,000.00: ACSC will provide up to 50% of eligible projects costs, to a maximum provincial contribution of $300,000.00

An ACSC contribution of more than 50% of eligible project costs may be considered only under exceptional circumstances.


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