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Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade

Manitoba Region: North

Note: See Parklands section on labour force statistics for Manitoba’s combined Parklands and North regions.

Working age population (15+): 59,400
Employed labour force: 36,300
Unemployment rate: 5.7%
Participation rate: 64.8%
Note: Statistics Canada reports labour force trends for Manitoba’s North and Parklands regions jointly due to the reduced population size in these large geographic regions.  The unemployment rate, as calculated by Statistics Canada, does not include on reserve populations.

Major construction and infrastructure activities in 2011/12:

Construction of new 17,500-square-foot recreation and wellness centre in the Town of Swan River. (Key Source: Manitoba News Release)

Victory Nickel to develop $500M mine north of Grand Rapids. (Key Source: Winnipeg Free Press)
New residences for nursing team, Chemawawin Cree Nation/Easterville. (Key Source: Winnipeg Free Press)

Snow Lake mine tailing remediation, $20 million. (Key Source: Winnipeg Free Press)
Town of Grand Rapids to build new 7000-square-foot health center by 2013, $20 million. ( Key Source: Manitoba News Release)

The Wuskwatim hydro-electric dam and refurbishment of Manitoba Hydro’s infrastructure continues. (Key Source: Manitoba Budget 2011)

The Arctic Gateway Initiative, in which Manitoba is working with key stakeholders, including Russia and China, to help realize the Arctic’s potential as a trade and economic zone, is one of Manitoba’s new developments for growth in international trade to the Province. (Key Source: Manitoba Budget 2011

The University College of the North Campus in The Pas is being renovated and expanded, including a library expansion, on-campus housing, a new child care facility and a redeveloped student service centre.  In Thompson, a new campus will expand the capacity of the college from 342 to 510 students, and apprenticeship spaces will increase from 48 to 150.  The Thompson campus will also feature on-campus housing, a child-care centre, new library and learner support services, as well as ceremonial and elder space and other Aboriginal student services.  (Key Source: Manitoba Budget 2011)

Construction work continues on a $72.5 million provincial investment for an all-season road on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. (Key Source:

A renovation at the Margaret Barbour Collegiate in The Pas is one of several provincial public school capital projects under way or recently completed. (Key Source: Manitoba Budget 2011)

The Government of Manitoba is planning to build a new, 7,000-square-foot health centre to serve the residents of Grand Rapids and Misipawistik Cree Nation.  A projected cost of over $8 million includes development, construction, medical equipment, furniture and other materials.  (Key Source: Manitoba Budget 2011)

Construction has begun for two new $5 million renal health dialysis units in Berens River and Hodgson.  The new six station renal health unit will be attached to the Chief Jacob Berens Mino-Ayaawin Health Centre in Berens River and to the Percy E Moore Hospital in Hodgson, Manitoba. (Key Source: Manitoba News Release)

HudBay is planning a $560 million capital investment in the expansion of Lalor Lake Mine. (Key Source: Globe and Mail,  Thompson Citizen)

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