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Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade

Manitoba Regions

Manitoba, with an area of 649,950 square kilometres (250,900 sq mi) includes seven economic Map of Regions in Manitoba North Central South East Interlake North Parklands South Central South West Winnipeg regions: South East, South Central, South West, North Central, Winnipeg, Interlake, and Parklands and North.

Construction and infrastructure activities are an indicator of current conditions in the local economy.  The following list provides a snapshot of key 2011 and 2012 activities announced, planned or completed in Manitoba’s regions.

The Statistics Canada Labour Force estimate of the working age population, employed labour force, unemployment rate, and participation rate for each Manitoba region is included.

Additionally, the largest industries for each sector have been noted.  Information was taken from public media announcements, including the Manitoba Budget 2012.

Note: Canada’s Labour Force Survey estimates are based on a sample and are therefore subject to sampling variability.  Estimates can be highly volatile at the sub-population level.  As the population under analysis decreases, the margin of error increases, particularly related to monthly fluctuations. 

Estimates for smaller geographic areas or industries will have more variability.

For an explanation of sampling variability of estimates, and how to use standard errors to assess this variability, consult the “Data quality” section of the Statistics Canada publication “Labour Force Information” (71-001-X) or the “Data quality” section of Statistics Canada’s “Guide to the Labour Force Survey” (71-543-G).