Resident Big Game Draw and Landowner Elk Draw Program

AMENDMENT: Moose Hunting Closure in Game Hunting Areas (GHAs) 21 and 21A


The Big Game Draw program has operated in various forms since the 1970s. In 1996, the Multi-Level Draw system was implemented with five priority levels to ensure a clear, transparent program with equal opportunity for all Manitoba hunters desiring to hunt those species where demand exceeded supply. To enhance the draw system, the number of priority levels was increased to 10 levels in 2012.

There are two separate draw programs:

Important Draw Dates

  • Application deadline - May 4/17
  • Notification date - Aug 3/17
  • Licences received - third week of August 2017
  • Refund cheques received - end of September 2017
  • 2018 Application forms and guides will be available early April 2018

Total payment fee $64.25 or $128.50

Information for Hunters

  • Landowner Declaration of Lands Owned:
    Applications for the Landowner Elk Draw must have a complete and valid Declaration of Lands Owned form included in the application.
  • Total Payment Plan:
    Applicants must make one total payment upon application. The total payment must be $64.25 per applicant (application fee of $7.00 and licence fee of $57.25). Two applicants applying on one application form must pay $128.50. When the Draw is completed, applicants who have been unsuccessful or rejected will have their licence fee payment returned. There are no refunds for application fees.

Separate applications must be completed for the Big Game Draw or Landowner Elk Draw (dependent on landowner eligibility).

Only one application is allowed for each draw. All applicants are provided a personal priority level in the Multi-Level Draw system. Personal priority levels for the Big Game and Landowner Elk Draws are independent of each other.  

The Landowner Elk Draw is held first. Applicants who apply for both the Big Game and Landowner Elk Draws are advised that, if they are successful in the Landowner Elk Draw, they will lose their opportunity to be drawn for the Big Game Draw. An applicant who has applied to the Big Game Draw with a partner who is a successful applicant in the Landowner Elk Draw will lose the opportunity to be drawn for the Big Game Draw.

A Draw Licence is valid only in the area(s) and hunting season(s) for which it is issued and, in the case of a Landowner Elk Licence, only on land owned by the landowner.

Residents of Manitoba may hold only one of the following licences: Draw Moose, Draw Moose Archery, Draw Elk, Draw Elk Archery, or Draw Elk Landowner. Draw Moose and Draw Moose Archery Licence holders are not eligible to purchase a non-draw (General) Moose licence, a non-draw (General) Conservation Moose Licence or a non-draw Archery Moose Licence.  A GHA 23 or 23A Draw Elk or Landowner Elk Licence with a one elk or moose bag limit is not considered a moose licence.

Youth hunting provisions for a shared bag (see Resident Youth Hunting Opportunities - Option 1 on page 9 of the 2017 Hunting Guide ) are extended to include all draw licences and the same qualifications and privileges apply. Youth can apply for a licence, or, a youth may hunt with a person who has obtained a draw licence under the shared bag option.

The draw application deadline was Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 4:30pm.

If you have any questions about the application procedures, contact Licensing Unit, 66-200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 3W3; phone 204-945-4042 (Winnipeg) /1-800-214-6497.

Hunting Season Choices

Every year, Manitoba Sustainable Development establishes the hunting season choices for the Big Game and Landowner Elk Draws based on Game Hunting Area, season date, bag limit (per tag) and number of licences/tags available. The number of hunting licences/tags available for draw hunting seasons may change at any time should conditions warrant. Applications must be completed by hunters either as individuals or in pairs dependent upon the hunting season choice. Licences are awarded in licence and game tag combinations as described for each hunting season choice in the application package.

Priority Levels

The Draw Program is based on 10 priority levels. In the Multi-Level Draw system, Level 1 is the most favourable level and Level 10 is the least favourable level. A personal priority level is assigned to each individual. An application with two applicants is entered into the draw system at the least favourable personal priority level for the applicants. First-time applicants (an applicant who has not applied for a Draw licence since 1996) will be assigned a personal priority level of Level 8.

Applications are processed randomly and sequentially in the Draw system according to priority level and hunting season choices. All Level 1 applications are processed first. Application forms will be processed as follows:

  • Level 1 applications will be sorted according to their first hunting season choice. Separate draws will be made for each of the hunting season choices.
  • If any licences remain after these draws, all unsuccessful Level 1 applications will be sorted as to their second hunting season choice. Separate draws will be made for those areas which have licences available.
  • If any licences remain after these draws, the process will continue for applications at priority Levels 2 to 10 until all of the available licences are awarded.

Personal priority levels will improve one level in the following year for each draw year that an applicant is not successful in being awarded a draw licence. Unsuccessful applicants already at Level 1 will remain at Level 1. Successful applicants awarded a licence will be assigned to Level 10 next year. Hunters who have applied in the Draw in 1996 or later do not need to apply every year in order to advance their priority level for that draw. The Multi-Level Draw system will automatically advance their personal priority level each year if their account is not in penalty; however, in order to be awarded a licence, an application and payment must be submitted to the Draw in that year. Applicants who are excluded from draw participation due to an unpaid debt will have their personal priority level frozen and will be excluded from all licence draws regardless of the origin of the debt.

Notification of Application Results

Results of the draw will be mailed to each applicant by early August. Phone calls regarding the results of the draw will not be answered until after this date.

Successful Applications

  • Successful applicants will receive their licences by the third week of August.
  • Licences and tags are sent to the first applicant on the application.

Unsuccessful Applications

  • Unsuccessful and rejected applicants will receive a refund of their prepaid licence fees ($57.25) by the end of September.
  • The refund will be paid to each name(s) on the application form and not the name(s) on the payment or cheque.
  • Any applicant with outstanding fees from previous draw years will have his/her refund applied to the outstanding balance.

Application Packages

Annual program and application guides are available to the public in early April at all Manitoba Sustainable Development offices and some retail vendors.

  • The deadline for application entry is the first Thursday in May.
  • All applications must be submitted on the current year application form with the total payment fee included.
  • Applications are only accepted at:

    Manitoba Sustainable Development
    Licensing Unit
    66-200 Saulteaux Cres
    Winnipeg MB R3J 3W3