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Shared Health

A provincial health organization, called Shared Health, is being created from within existing resources to provide centralized clinical and business services for the regional health authorities.

This includes clinical governance, such as strategic planning for services like surgery, mental health, orthopedics and primary care and the development and provision of consistent clinical standards and support for health human resources and labour relations.

Business and support services will also benefit greatly from involvement in, and understanding of, a provincial plan. Services and functions that will be centralized include contracting and procurement of supplies and equipment, capital planning, communications, food distribution, laundry services, clinical engineering services and legal services.

In addition, some provincial health care services will be operated centrally in recognition of the province-wide nature of the services they provide. This will include the operation of Health Sciences Centre, Transplant Manitoba, provincial laboratories and emergency medical services (including dispatch outside Winnipeg).

Manitoba Health System Current State

Chart Showing Manitoba Health System Current State

Chart Showing Manitoba Health System Current State (pdf)

Manitoba Health System Proposed Future State

Chart Showing Manitoba Health System Proposed Future State

Manitoba Health System Proposed Future State (pdf)

These changes will reduce duplication of management and administrative functions while making sure each region is able to provide health care services with the guidance of a provincial clinical services plan, something in existence in other jurisdictions and essential to effective health human resources planning, capital equipment and construction planning and technology planning, among others. It will also make sure that services provided centrally are coordinated and consistent.

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and the regional health authorities will be working together to develop detailed plans and implement the changes over the coming months.

Transformation Leadership Team

A Transformation Leadership Team has been established, including representatives from across the health system. The team is prioritizing transformation initiatives and making recommendations on governance and policy development. Members have been carefully selected to ensure robust links to both rural and urban health organizations, as well as to strengthen system knowledge across preventive, clinical and business health domains. The team's membership may evolve as the transformation progresses and as a governance model is finalized.

Membership as of November 30, 2017

Karen Herd, Deputy Minister of Health (Chair and Transformation Sponsor)

Olivia Baldwin-Valainis, Director, Transformation Management, Priorities & Planning Secretariat, Government of Manitoba

Bernadette Preun, ADM, Provincial Policy and Programs, MHSAL

Beth Beaupre, ADM, Health Workforce Secretariat, MHSAL

Avis Gray, ADM, Active Living, Indigenous Relations, Population and Public Health, MHSAL

Dan Skwarchuk, ADM and CFO, Administration and Finance, MHSAL

Dr. Brock Wright, CEO and President, Shared Health

Réal Cloutier, Interim President and CEO, WRHA

Jane Curtis, CEO, Southern Health - Santé Sud

Brian Schoonbaert, Vice President, Finance and Information Service, Prairie Mountain Health

Glenn McLennan, Vice President and CFO, WRHA

Marion Ellis (IERHA) - Vice President and CNO, Interlake-Eastern RHA

Lanette Siragusa, Provincial Lead, Clinical and Preventive Services Planning and Oversight

Perry Poulsen, Chief Information Officer, Manitoba eHealth, WRHA

Lorraine Larocque, Director of Public Health, NRHA