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Wait Times Reduction Task Force Final Report

Lanette Siragusa - Aid clinical and preventive service planning

Dr. Alecs Chochinov - Strong Emergency Department

Shared Health - A Conversation

Shared Health will be developing a provincial clinical and preventive plan and reviewing proposals made by rural and northern health regions. This work will provide a clinical foundation for further decisions to be made on recommendations from the Health Sustainability and Innovation Review, the Peachey Report and the Wait Times Reduction Task Force report.

These videos include interviews about the transformation with Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen, Health, Seniors and Active Living Deputy Minister Karen Herd, Dr. David Peachey, Dr. Brock Wright and Lanette Siragusa.

Dr. Peachey - Consultations

Dr. Peachey - Provincial Co-ordination and Integration

Minister Goertzen/Dr. Peachey - Health System Transformation

Dr. Wright - Vision for Shared Health

Lanette Siragusa, Dr. Peachey, Dr. Wright, Minister Goertzen - Benefits to Rural, Northern Manitoba

Minister Goertzen, Dr. Wright - Rural Experiences and Challenges

Karen Herd - System Transformation

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