Written submissions

Your Province Your Plan

This is your opportunity to suggest how provincial spending should be prioritized, what innovations should be pursued and what waste should be eliminated.

Written submissions can be made below or be sent by mail to:
Office of the Minister of Finance
450 Broadway
Legislative Building
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

  • After more than a decade of poor fiscal discipline, Manitoba's debt has reached more than $20 billion dollars and our province's credit rating has twice been downgraded by credit rating agencies. Our government is on track to return to balanced budgets in our second term.

    What efficiencies can you identify in government operations that could save money while ensuring the protection of front-line services and those who deliver them? Which programs do you believe are no longer delivering results efficiently and what changes could be made to improve them?

  • Manitoba is now leading the way to more open trade within Canada. Manitoba's New Government has shown an ability to work effectively with other provinces and territories and is pursuing both diversification of markets and the removal of barriers to trade that drive up prices for businesses and taxpayers.

    What regulations do you believe are preventing growth opportunities in Manitoba's economy?

  • Budget 2016 included a number of measures to ensure Manitoba's finances no longer pursue an unsustainable trajectory of spending increases. Budget 2017 will continue to reflect our government's commitment to open, transparent and accountable management of Manitoba's finances.

    In what other areas should we look for opportunities to manage expenditure growth? What cost-neutral or low-cost opportunities for innovation do you believe Manitoba should pursue to encourage greater economic growth and to position our province to compete and prosper over the long term?

  • Manitoba's New Government recognizes the need for economic diversification and development in our province's north. It is clear that short-term, politically-motivated decisions have inhibited sustainable, long-term development throughout Manitoba's north. Innovation, vision and the responsible development of our natural resources in collaboration with Manitoba's Indigenous communities are necessary to create long-term solutions.

    How can the government further encourage private sector growth and leadership in our province's northern economy?

The deadline for written submissions will be Thursday, December 1, 2016. Submissions received before October 10, 2016 will be reviewed and organizations may be invited to make a presentation at one of the in-person meetings being held between October 17 and 26

Written submissions must be no longer than 1,500 words and should focus on the themes noted above.

If you have questions about the written submissions, please contact minfin@leg.gov.mb.ca or by calling Minister Friesen's office in Winnipeg at 204-945-3952.