When you're building your budget, you need to know two very important things: how much money you have and where you want it to go. Every choice you make affects the rest of your budget and what you spend it on.

There can be some hard decisions to make. Do you put off making a significant purchase to avoid interest charges, or find the money from somewhere else in your budget to purchase the item now? Do you save for the future or pay down your debt to reduce interest costs in the long term?

Governments must make choices when determining priorities for spending, just like every Manitoban does when creating a household budget. An increase in funding for health care will mean there is less money for other areas of government services, like new schools, funding for child care or the completion of important bridge repairs.

A decrease in funding available for health care might mean more funds are available for other priorities, but it also means there will be less money available for the programs and services that every Manitoban relies on, like new equipment or health care facilities.

Each increase or decrease in funding has a corresponding effect on other areas of Manitoba's budget.

The revenues (money in) and expenditures (money out) for Budget 2016 are shown below. Scroll over each section to learn more.



Budget 2017 will require responsible, targeted measures to return Manitoba to balance while strengthening our economy and improving services for all Manitobans.

We know there are hard choices to be made. Increases in any one area affect our ability to reduce Manitoba's deficit and ultimately, our ability to lower taxes and deliver improved services for Manitoba families.

There is nothing wrong with Manitoba that cannot be fixed by Manitobans. We need your input on how provincial spending should be prioritized, what innovations should be pursued and what waste should be eliminated.

It's your province. It's your plan. Make an online submission, attend a community meeting or visit our Build Your Budget page to have your say today!