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Manitoba Hunting Guide

2012 Manitoba Hunting Guide

Big Game Hunting

Possession and Transportation of Big Game

A big game carcass taken by one person cannot be possessed, transported, or shipped by another person unless the declaration on the back of the Game Tag has been completed and signed by the licensee who killed the animal. When transporting or shipping portions (meat, head/antler or hide) of a big game animal separately, the meat, head/antler and hide tags must be attached to those portions of the big game animal. If a tag is not available, a Possession or Transportation Permit must be obtained from a Conservation Officer.

Importing Deer, Elk,
Moose or Caribou Carcasses

Importation of deer, elk, moose or caribou into Manitoba, is not permitted unless certain precautions are followed. See "Notice to Hunters" for more information.


The contents of any package containing wild animals or parts of wild animals must be marked with a complete description of the contents and licence number or permit on the outside of the package.

Exporting Big Game from Manitoba

All big game licences with the accompanying cut out tag are valid to export the animal from Manitoba taken under authority of the licence during the 30-day period immediately after the date of kill. Export may be made only while the animal is in the personal possession of the licence holder.

If export is made later than 30 days after the date of kill, or by a person other than the licence holder who wishes to export the animal or a part of the animal, an export permit must first be obtained.

A tag is not required to export a wolf or coyote taken under the authority of a big game licence during the 30-day period following the kill date. Only the big game licence, which authorizes the taking of the wolf or coyote, is required to possess or export the wolf or coyote. During the 30-day period, the wolf or coyote can only be exported by the licence holder. After the 30-day time period, or if another person is exporting on behalf of the lincece holder, an export permit will be required. A CITES permit is required to export a wolf outside of Canada.

For information on possible restrictions on the importation of hunter harvested big game into the United States, please review the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service guidelines.

Export Permit Eligibility and Availability

Export permit application forms are available through all Manitoba Sustainable Development offices and may be issued only to a person who lawfully possesses an animal or part. This means that the applicant must have a hunting licence, game tag or other acceptable written proof that the animal or part was lawfully acquired. Please allow 28 working days for permit processing. For more information, contact the Wildlife Permits Clerk at 204-945-1893.