Pesticide and Manure Licensing Program

Licences are issued to pesticide dealers and applicators and to manure applicators through the Pesticides and Manure Licensing Program, as required by Regulation under The Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act.

The purpose of the Act is to ensure the safe and proper application of pesticides and manures through education and technical support to dealers and applicators. Certification and licence requirements are outlined in the Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation and the Manure Regulation.

Steps to Obtain a Licence:

1. Certification - Applicants must demonstrate, through certification training, that they are qualified to sell or apply pesticides or to apply manure.

2. Insurance - Individuals applying for a Pesticide Applicator or Manure Applicator Licence are required to have general liability insurance. Pesticide applicators must also have pesticide drift insurance. Individual or company policies are acceptable.

3. Licence - Proof of certification and insurance must be submitted with licence applications. Send completed and signed licence application forms and payment to:

The Pesticide and Manure Licensing Program
Manitoba Agriculture
Box 1149
Carman, MB R0G 0J0
(204) 745-5660

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